Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


I'm working on some Bayes Net-related stuff at work, and although it'snot what I'm looking for, I found a good tutorial on Bayes Nets in general.I wish I hadn't lost so much of this stuff over the years.

I think today's going to be an early lunch day -- I'm hungry.

With any luck, today I'll get the inspiration to write back to my friendswho have written or emailed me.

A thought for the day.. perhaps recycled..If you could intervene in someone's life, and be guaranteed to either makea mess of things and disgrace yourself, or make their life considerablybetter in the long run, or possibly both, and you had little enough informationon your odds of each outcome that you had no good idea, what would you do?In various forms, this problem comes up a lot.

Heh. Timewise, we've passed 1060000000, Unix time, recently. Time waits fornoone.

Oh, finally, I found out that the DNS problems were my fault, so I'll probablywrite back to them and tell them 'nevermind'. Turns out I was forgetting toincrease the version number of my zone files when I updated them sometimeback to add the new A records, and so their slave DNS thought it had thecorrect version. Thank goodness for nagging doubts.


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