Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Corporate winds

A few other interesting things..This Java program is totally cool!CivCTP2's sources are likely to be released.Novell bought Ximian

A thought, perhaps leading to some of the stranger lines of thought I've hadin philosophy... All the theoretical you's there might be, those thatinhabit the might've beens, their thought processes.. in order to give lifeto our explorations of what might be/might've been (a useful thing to be ableto do in everyday life), we attempt to approximate those other selves, withsomewhat different experiences and such. Is there anything special aboutexistence that sentience could tell about itself? Would we really know ifwe don't exist? I think, but that tells me nothing about whether I am, at leastfor some meaning of the word am. Practically, this isn't a problem -- Pascal'swager, broken on the argument it attempts to solve, is quite useful here.Still, I can see no nonheuristic/probabilistic argument that can oppose thepossibility, so I admit that I might be a daydream.

Tags: philosophy

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