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Lying on my bed, I noticed something beautiful -- tonight's bright moon comes right in my window, illuminating the head of my bed. I hence relocated for tonight's message. Looking up at it for a moment, I ask myself why I haven't spent more time outside, and look at the empty side of the bed...

I'm feeling kind of melancholy about that again -- after thinking about it, I don't think Boston can really be even on my long-term radar - it's another cold city, with a high cost of living. If and when I move, it should be to Europe or someplace warm. It just seems odd to me that I've been alone this long. Part of me wants it, I know, and that helps it remain so, but I'm lonely. Listening to Cyndi Lauper's "Hot Gets a Little Cold" stirs up a memory - someone I was dating once told me that that's when they knew love is right - when the heat fades, and the danger feels less, and they're still around. At least, I *think* that was what they said. I wonder how cold things ever should get - I don't think I'd ever want things to feel like a convenience, even as I expect the rush of feeling a crush to fade as time goes on. I imagine it might be an interesting way to live life - riding the crush part of each relationship until it fades, and then finding someone new. Perhaps that's what the "settling down urge" that everyone says is based in biology prevents.

Prompted by another friend's LJ entry, I prodded Google CodeSearch with my name. The results arn't mostly code I wrote, but they're all me. I actually have a lot more code out there, absent because my name isn't attached to much of it. Results:

  • Apparently in 2000, I reported a bug in the Perl module Image::Xpm
  • Some code I wrote for PernAngband (now named ToME). That's one of my retired email addresses.. I don't remember when I wrote this
  • Some work stuff I wrote 3 or 4 years ago for CMU Robotics. I'm surprised this code is on the web freely somewhere - when I was there they wanted to know everyone who used their software (helps in getting grants) even though it was freely distributed
  • I once wrote detailed install notes for a sendmail-phone_paging bridge for the SCO7 platform, and made it into a thanks page. It appears that OpenBSD incorporated the package at some point.
  • Some of the mozilla codebase that puts my name in about:credits for my work with the Mozilla project during its very early days
  • An ancient snapshot of this BLOG I put online sometime back and forgot about
The local public transit now finally works with Google Transit. It doesn't hesitate to tell me to walk when the start and end points are near enough :) Apparently, my way to get between my place and some distant friends can be radically improved upon -- the 54C (a bus I've never used) seems to be one of the few north-south busses in the city.

Time to look more at the moon..


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