Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

CDs, laptop

I spent considerable time today figuring out what I want to go on two newCDs I burned. The first has the theme of 'endings', and is kind of depressing.The second has the theme of 'punk/goth'. I'm burning the second CD now,the first is already done. This time, my mp3s are of good enough qualitythat I didn't need to re-rip any of the source tracks. That's good --some of my CDs are in a box in my parents' basement.

I stopped by Giant Eagle today, and got more Saag Paneer, Oatmeal, andcat food. I remembered that there was an offer to order Saag Paneerin the last box I got, that I accidentally tossed. This time, I puled thecoupon out immediately, and went to the website. Alas, the discountis only for the vendor's Thai foods. However, they charge only about1/3rd the price that Giant Eagle wants for the same thing. Hmm.. there areshipping charges though, and that's pretty steep. If I order in enoughquantity, I can save a lot of money though. Tempting. Saag Paneer, mailordered. Hmmmmmmmm

I've decided that I definitely need a laptop for when school starts.I'm going to make it happen, and if it means that I'm going to need todip into my emergency funds, so be it. I can't take notes by hand, andI've been wanting to be able to program when out and about for some time now.So, here's my needs:

It must run Linux. I've been thinking about it, and although OSX is nice inseveral ways, I don't want to experiment with it on such an important machinein my life. Sorry Apple.

It should have wireless. CMU has wireless everywhere, and some other placesaround town have it too. I also don't really want to run ethernet all theway from my computer room to my living room. 802.11g would be nice, but b willdo.

Trackpoint would be a big plus. Otherwise I'll just carry an external mousearound with me. I might need to do that anyhow -- few laptops have 3 buttonson their builtin mouse.

Battery life is really important. I might get a spare, just in case.

It must be reasonably fast, and have decent RAM.

I would prefer it not have a builtin modem.

I've been talking with a friend who I trust quite a lot on these issues,and he sped my research along quite a bit. I was already inclined to lookat Dell and IBM, and he suggested I also check out Fujitsu. He suggested afew specific models from IBM and Fujitsu. I'll check them out tomorrow inmore detail, and probably make a choice either tomorrow or Monday, at whichtime I'll make the financial arrangements to clear my credit card entirelyso I'll have enough credit to order it.

I shall now attempt to sleep.

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