Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Biblical MIDI

And then, Pat felt the desire, long dormant, to play dramatic music fromhis MIDI collection. He started to invoke his servant timidity in the realmof holly, but alas, his urge was checked -- holly was silenced by Pat's ownorder, on account of clicks and pauses from holly's sound card being crappy.And lo, Pat typed the commands on trustworthy forrester, rejuvinated withSuSE. And the tunes played.. and Pat did scratch his head. Alas, the tunesdid not sound as good as he recalled. So Pat did play with soundfonts, andthings of that nature, and noticed some things were broken in SuSE'sAlpha configuration. Pat did then have an idea. He made a WAV file from hismidis, using the near-useless timidity on forrester, and played it over NFSusing forrester's own soundcard. And yea! The sound was good. But, this wasawkward. Why, pray tell, was forrester's timidity of so much lesser qualitythan holly's? Pat scratched his head, and came upon an idea.

holly:~$ rpm -ql timidityforrester:~$ rpm -ql timidity

Woe! SuSE's timidity came with a dearth of instruments, compared with Redhat's bounty. So, Pat crossed his fingers, entered into /usr/share/timidity,and typed the following magic commands:mkdir oldmv * oldscp -r pgunn@holly:/usr/share/timidity .mv timidity/* .rmdir timidity

And yea, the sounds of Pat's midis were good forever after.

Anyhow, my legs have been really really sore, partly from the bike fall,and partly from that run yesterday. I noticed today that the left one hasan ugly bruise on the muscle, and the right one has a bruise near the hip.My neck has actually been really sore recently too. It's one of those raretimes when I could use one of the massages I love to give out to my chosen..but alas, I don't have a chosen now, and both of the ones I did have weremore of the 'get massage' attitude than the 'give massage'. Oh well. Maybeit's just a matter of figuring out the right way to stretch the sore spots,or maybe I can self-massage those parts. Ouch. Oh well, at least my midissound good.

Yesterday, I was reading National Graphic at Tree, and an interesting issue wasbrought up twice. One form of it is the desire to protect native cultures fromassimilation, in this case uncontacted tribes of Africa. Christian missionariesare raising a stink that they're not allowed to go in there and spread theirrot. Well, I don't give a damn about them -- they're among the worst species ofhumanity, spreading guilt, self-consciousness, and hampering the free spiritof man with their chains. Just like the bastard marketers telling you thatyou need Nike, and oh-so-conveniently being able to point you right at thestore to buy them, these assholes go in, plant all their stupid notions ofguilt and sin and other poisons to the soul, so they can be needed by nearlyevery human on earth. Even those who break free of that stupid meme, orthose on whom it never manages to take (hi there!) can never be free in anenslaved society. Witness the objectivists, who lift the mouse trap open justwide enough that they can slip from that trap into a bigger one. I tell you,only when we seriously consider the question of how to live a good life, anddon't take our morality from others, will we be free. No dictates from on high,no worship of money, and no dishonestly complex single notions of liberty willmake you free. Ahem.. I've gotten off topic, haven't I?

The question is, what is to be done of the last humans to not be contactedby such stuff? Free association? Do the missionaries get to expose their ideasto everyone on the planet? It's such a difficult issue, and surprisingly, I'mnot coming to a conclusion on this one yet. They're everywhere else, do theyneed to be there too? Should a community be able to close itself from suchthings? This kind of ties back to my local versus national control thoughts ingovernment, and I have two different instincts fighting here. I'm obligatedto either say the Christians should be able to go in there, or say thatlocal control is more important, and cede my federalist (versus statist)stance. Or, I need to explain why the situations are not the same. All this forconsistancy. I've been in contact, through Zets, who has a very very strongopinion for rights to cultural integrity. I'm not sure how that's helping meframe the issue -- I'm generally against notions of group rights, although I'mnot sure of the shape of my thoughts on how sovereignty works... Hmm. Anythoughts on this issue are indeed welcome...

Off to coffee tree, after I have a nice, refreshing cup of water. Mmm...there's few things in life as wonderful as really really cold, pure water.That's partly why mostly giving up on pop was easy for me. Hell, if CMU'swater situation wern't so lousy, I probably wouldn't drink so much tea there..But sometimes tea is good in itself.. maybe it's demeaned in my mind bythe way that I usually drink it there for other reasons though...I wonder if anyone would mind if I brought a water filter thing to work there..Anyhow... too much talk, too little water.

Tags: philosophy, tech

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