Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Restful Reunions

I had an awesome sleep last night. I have no idea why these thingshappen, and I'd love for it to happen more often. With those 7 hours,I was completely refreshed, and had very little of my usual "stay in bed"urge. Perhaps related, the insomnia, which seems to be on its way to aregular part of my life, didn't strike at all last night. Anyhow, I'mfeeling rather good right now. Oh, as an added bonus, my legs are almostback to normal again -- the right leg feels pretty normal, and the leftisn't far from it.

PerlMongers meets tonight. So, I'll be skipping Zets. I wish they didn'toverlap, but so it goes. I've never been to a PerlMongers meeting yet,and I'd at least like to check it out. I also met Casey West at OSSCon,and he suggested I at least show up once..

Dubin is coming to visit this weekend. Yay. I'll try to figure out the best tour to give of the localarea, as well as Pgh in general. I'll also need to make sure my place isclean, although it's actually not too bad right now.

The weekend afterwards, there'll be a gathering of the Carvers (my mom'sside of the family) in the Brecksville/Bath area, so I'll be heading tomy parents' place for that.. I've been told (by them) that they're very loud andvery opinionated. Sounds fun. It's been awhile since I've been back to visitmy parents/grandparents.

I finally have the funds appropriately arranged to buy the laptop. I'm going togo over to the University Computer store to actually do the ordering -- Iwant no bureaucratic problems -- Some of the deals I'm taking advantage ofend today, and if the order doesn't get in, I'll lose out quite a bit.Actually, I'm probably going to go take care of that now.

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