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So, I ordered the system. Unfortunately, it cost me a bit more thanI wanted because the 40G HD was going to delay the shipment until theend of the month, so I upgraded to 60G. I tried calling them to seeif I could order it sans Windows, but no luck. Apparently though, it endedup being cheaper (weird discounts) to order it with a nicer warranty, soI did that and saved $10. Still, my VISA is again really really close tobeing maxed-out. I'm going to see if I can make it to the end of themonth without taking either my checking or savings account under $200, soI can avoid that stupid $5 fee. It's not going to be easy. Thinking aboutit, I probably should close my NationalCity Savings account -- thecredit union account gives much better interest. However, the NationalCityaccount is online, while the CMU Credit Union is not, so it is possible touse the NationalCity account as an additional, quick cash buffer. When I'mback in the black, and comfortably so, I'll probably close it..

Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to the arrival of my system.I guess I'll need to dig the computer bag back out though -- I doubtthat my laptop will fit comfortably in my backpack. Hmm... and whatto call it? It could inherit the name 'frank', but it really is ratherdifferent than what my iBook frank was. Maybe it needs a new name. Perhapsit'll be phoenix (a name I typically reserve for my work computer, but asauton systems have a naming convention, I couldn't use it), or perhapsit'll be one of the 'anti-cheery conceptual' names that I was introducingat my last job. Some ideas... 'doubt' 'angst' 'sadness' 'loss' ..Hmm.. I like 'doubt'. Yup, I have a strange sense of humor :)A possible thought, which I don't endorse, popped into my head while I wasshowering this morning -- perhaps curiosity is a low-grade type ofdissatisfaction. Hmm.. maybe I'm misremembering it -- it seemed to makesense when I thought of it. But then, so many things do. Heh. And, of course,when not even I know what I'm talking about, what chance do you have?

Enjoying some music from my CD collection that I haven't listened to forquite some time, that I ripped and ogged a while ago.. Natalie Imbruglia..Hmm.. I wish I could find my Jamiraquai CD -- I have the case, but not it,so perhaps it's lost. Pity -- it has a unique sound among my collection.I kick myself every time I forget to rip a CD I like from my collection.I should just rip everything I still have, and box it, and put it in myparents' basement in Bville... I might do that before the coming reunion..Hungry... Impatient for lunch.

Tags: music, tech

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