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I had a dream that someone was at my place, talking on the phone,and we had been listening to music. I was trying to turn it downso they could have a conversation, and the technology wasn't beingcooperative... I was using aumix (a commandline mixer), and the volumejust wouldn't go all the way down, and mute didn't work, so I was individuallysetting the bars as low as they could go, and occasionally I'd make typosand that channel would get loud again. The friend kept on motioning as ifto leave the room because it wasn't quiet enough..

Dell has a neat thing by which I can watch the status of my order. Apparently,I ordered it early enough yesterday that they were able to build and testit, and it's currently waiting to be boxed. Cool!

The mouse on my workstations at home is messed up. It's predecessor, a niceKensington Mouseworks suffered a fairly rapid death, and about a week agoI dug out this spare. It's not nearly as nice, and the mapping from my handmotions to cursor motion is sometimes bad .. it gets *stuck*. I hate that.It's a very bad thing when you need to notice your mouse too much. I reallywish the desktop trackpoints I got some time ago had three buttons. Thosethings are awesome, but it's just a pain to chord. In the end, I might goback to using them though.

Yesterday, I got a CD rack that someone was tossing. The thing is about5 feet tall, and all curvy. Getting the thing home on my bike was ratheramusing -- I stuck my hand 'into' it, and used the strap of my bookbagaround my arm to keep it stable. It looked really silly, and I got a lotof amused looks, but I did make it home, and I was able to move all theCDs I have that arn't boxed into it. That freed up cubespace enough for meto move the misc books I had lying around off of the pile on the floor.That's one of the neat things about CMU -- there's so much spare 'stuff' ofevery kind lying around, that if you take the time to roam the halls lookingfor stickies marked 'junk', you can get a lot of pretty decent free stuff.

Tags: dreams, tech

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