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Let's get the title reference, which is obligatory, out of the way..Hmm. It really doesn't make sense, but that's standard faire..As APM was starting to become common on desktops, there were all sortsof weird features that were being added to systems that were power-related,from scheduled wakeups and sleeps to automatic power-back-on after powerloss and restoration. One of the more bizarre versions of this was a featurewhereby an onboard modem, when recieving an incoming call, would cause thesystem to come back from suspend. In theory, this would be useful, buteven a well-engineered system is going to take at least 6 seconds, at best,to come back from suspend, and often it's more like 20-30 seconds. Chancesare that the calling modem wouldn't still be calling by then. Maybe there's somebizarre use for this, but if there is, I don't get it.. Anyhow, now that itlooks like ACPI has replaced APM on most modern systems, I wonder if there's anew set of strange features... I do wonder what ACPI does that APM didn't..

So, on saturday, I went with R to the surplus store .. well, we tried, butthere was some kind of sporting thing that made parking impossible, so wewent to the McKnight area and walked around a mall instead. I don't thinkDebb and I had ever gone to this one -- there's a slummy mall in the area,but we somehow avoided the nice one (During those times, I became acquaintedwith almost all the malls and bookstores in the area). R got some clothes(there were some really good sales going on).. and I got the latest CDs fromBad Religion and Radiohead, as well as Pratchett's Pied Piper paperback.I haven't started on the latter, but the first two are good buys... I feel kindof silly buying into Bad Religion being so cliche for atheist/agnostic folks,but I really do like their music, and heck, I like Joseph and other religiouslythemed music too, so I think I can lay to rest any internal doubts that I justlike listening to music that agrees with my worldview. Anyhow, naturally, Iripped it right after I got home, and ogg'd it, and as we speak, the last bitsof the oggs are riding ssh onto my workstation here at work... I was mentioningto R that, had I not heard one of the Bad Religion songs as an MP3 beforehand,I probably wouldn't've bought the CD...

Later that evening, I had a date, with another R. I guess, for now, I'll attemptto just use pronouns. It seems I know a lot of R's though. Perhaps it's somekind of temporary rule in my life that all interesting people have namesstarting with R. Anyhow, we went out for very late night Indian food, andtalked, and went back to her place, and talked... She's into morris dancing,is moderately geeky, at least somewhat liberal politically, and has a greatsense of humor. She recently moved here from California, to get started on aMBA at CMU. Anyhow, we talked until it was very late and I was sleepy, andI don't remember (!!) all of the conversation. I do remember that she endedup reading from a humor book at one point.. and I had some good laugh out loudtimes.. I think I don't laugh enough in my life. So, everything was good.Two things we didn't talk about much were politics and religion, the two thingsthat are likely to be the hardest, thorniest things in my relationship withanyone. Well, actually, we did talk a bit about politics... If we have anotherdate, which would be a lot of fun, we probably will need to talk more aboutsuch things, as it really wouldn't be fair to either of us if we were to getattached but end up being fundamentally incompatible. But I think I worry toomuch. For some reason, I have an Italian lady in my head (which is odd, sinceneither this R nor anyone in my family is Italian) scolding me in a funny way,saying "Look what you've done, turning something fun into something to worryabout!". Heh.

So, I made it home, and the next day, I really didn't do very much at all.I cleaned my place a bit, and handled other errands. Then, very late at night,I got hungry and so I IM'd Jeremy, and we met up with R (the original R)at her place to go eat.. but first, we hung out at her place for awhile andsaw some really weird cartoon called "Hunger Force" or something like that.It struck me that one of the characters was actually something I had seen asone of my friends' IM icon -- a bucket of fries that could shoot lasers out ofits eyes. It was strange, and kind of amusing. Then... EatNPark... unfortunately, I was so sleepy for that that I remember almost nothing. See apattern here?

According to some spam, well, see for yourself:1061213541: 301 lines from "The Magazine Rack" <>Subject: Martha's back and she's bringing cookiesHmm.

Anyhow, this week, I need to get books, force myself to get back into theschool mindset, and perhaps get back into the habit of using the CMU gymbefore work. My laptop is now in the hands of FedEx, and hopefully willarrive at my office soon. I'll need to name it soon.

I've been thinking about something someone mentioned some time ago in aconversation about diabetes... They mentioned that there's an 'opposite'problem than diabetes, where the body produces insulin too rapidly aftergetting food, and so people get almost no sugar rush, and get very tired aftereating. That really seems to describe me well -- I'm always at my best whenI haven't eaten for a long time, at least until I get a hunger headache.Maybe the next time I have my regular checkup with my doctor, I'll ask himabout it. As is now, I'm eating food with less and less sugar to avoid fallingasleep at inopportune times.

Finally, in case you haven't read it, this might be interesting.It's part of Kucinich's campaign for the presidency. Interesting.

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