Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Beating the (computer) System

I think I've been learning that it's sometimes unwise to outwit veryengineered computer systems. My Athlon at home has a mix of Redhat 8 andRedhat 9 on it, and although that seemed like a good idea at the time,it's turning out to be a major problem. I upgraded so I could use the latestgaim RPMs, well, originally, I just needed to upgrade gtk/glib, but trackingthat dependency chain (by hand) caused me to upgrade half the system,including X. And so I'm again having font problems like I used to havewhen I had a mix of 7.3 and rawhide -- whenever mozilla visits a page withrussian or arabic on it, it hangs. And now gaim's acting unstable with someother little upgrades I did on it. I'm not really sure if I want to upgradethe rest of the way to 9, do a fresh install of 9, or tough it out until 9.1comes out and do a fresh install of that. 9.1 is set to be a really awesomerelease. In my opinion, these are the interesting upgrades RedHat has givenus: 6.x->7.0, 7.1->7.2, 7.3->8.0, 9.0->9.1 (well, not yet, but the beta looksreally cool). The 8.0->9.0 upgrade was really uninteresting.

Oh, tonight is garbage night. Hmmm... good time to change the cat litter :)

Tags: tech

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