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A toe for an eye

Church of Apostolic Faith kills an autistic kid, trying to cure him ofhis problems.Israel continues to attack Hamas, while hoping that the currently quieter relationship withthe Palestinians manages to stay as such, and not giving the PLA's recentintent to disarm non-PLA forces any time to be put into action.

I'll say no more on those topics. Instead, I'll tell you of my wochenende.So, I packed my laptop into my car, started it on my mp3 collection, anddrove to my grandparents house (they live near my parents, near Akron). There,I met (in some cases re-met) the extended family. I did arive kind of late, sosoon afterwards, I, my immediate family, and some of the extended went backto my parents' place, and I went to bed. The room that's nominally mine iskind of like a tomb -- no windows, in the basement, far from any walls, andvery quiet. I slept for about 12 hours... the next day, everyone gathered atmy parents' place... there was a LOT of food, and even considering the veggielimits, I did ok :) My uncle and grandpa suggested that, given how long I'llbe in Pittsburgh, I should look into buying a house. Ahh, yes, there was a

  • LOT* of badminton being played, and I really enjoyed myself. On the slight
downside, I snapped my left big toenail in a bad way, and it's still bloody.Oh, and I also found out that there's a gambling channel, that my grandpa andsome other family members were watching for a bit. Gah!Hopefully if I just leave it alone, it'll turn out ok. It was really neat seeingthe extended family ... Anyhow, that day was ended with a wood fire in a firepit in a little mid-yard patio thing my parents added since I was last home.Marshmallows were toasted, my dad's guitar was played, and a good time was had.Sunday was kind of a relax/wind-down day. We all met for breakfast in atrucker-stop/dive, and were collectively loud enough that it would've beenimpossible not to notice we were all there. After that, everyone left (mostlyto Illinois) -- I went back to my parents', as did my grandparents. Laterthat day, my dad and I were digging through the basement for things thatI left during the move from Columbus to Pgh, and found some neat stuff. Alas,my original gamecube was lost.. so my dad and I went out to a computer store,and then best buy, and he got me a replacement. Woot. I now have Metroid,Mario, and a sonic game collection. Saaay-gah! Also, my mom filled my carwith tasty foods (tons of canned peaches and rice), and I left for home. And here I am. Things left to think about...

  • Buying a house - It's worth thinking about. I'd like to have a dog, I'd like to actually own a place, and I do have two family members saying it's a good idea, and my dad saying that it's probably a good idea. I might start putting my nose to the wind to see what I can manage in Squirrel Hill..
  • Advocacy - I need to send out the ballots for it tomorrow.
  • POUND - I need to put the mod_perl stuff up. I meant to do it on friday, but I didn't get around to it.
  • TOME/Pernband - I need to get in touch with Darkgod to see what's going on with some code stuff.
  • I need to rewrite/improve psmail
  • yawn*
When I got back, there were 300-plus messages in my inbox. Filters chopped out

about half of that.

Ahh, yes, a quote from Al Franken:"I wish with all my heart that our president wasn't a liar, or if he were,that he was more like President Clinton. Bush lies about important things.Like the economy, his tax cuts, education or reasons for going to war."


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