Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stale school handle

I had an interesting day, schoolwise. I found out that I had totallymisunderstood my schedule, when I showed up for the second cogsciclass, and got another syllabus. It turns out that CMU and OSU usedifferent notations in their course catalogs, and so what I thought wasanother mandatory part of a class was really another section. So, I'vereworked my schedule yet again (having figured out which section I reallywant to be in), and it's not nearly as bad. I'm keeping the monday push,but tweaking the other days so that I get thursday and friday off earlierthan I ever did before. Sweet.

I also feel compelled to again mention that university jobs rock. I'masked again and again by everyone I know when I'll be switching into beinga fulltime grad student, and recruiters bother me. All I can say is thatI really am happy with CMU, and with where I work, and who I work for.The pay's decent, the benefits rock, the coworkers are nice, theenvironment is relaxed, and people arn't thinking about money all thetime. People actually are interested in helping other people learnthings. People can pursue their interests. It's by no means a quietenvironment, and there certainly are debates and occasional bits ofbrain-damage, but Universities, from my experience at OSU and CMU, areabout as close to utopia as humanity has, in my knowledge, attained.

Well, I'm off to go to the coffeeshop. I was going to go to philosophytonight, but I ended up chatting with a friend on AIM instead. Srees hadyummy tofu today. I wonder how he cooks it -- he was a doctor in india,and claims that his food is pretty healthy.. I might ask when I stop byhis Sq Hill restaurant in a few minutes. Also, I've been thinking aboutcooking pasta at my place. Easy, tasty, not too expensive... Once paydaycomes, I'll probably make a trip to giant eagle, and stock up like there'sno tomorrow. As for right now, I'm so near being dead broke that it's reallykind of sad. I have rebates, and reimbursements, and payday all in thepipeline, but for now, unless I touch what remains of my savings, whichisn't much, I can muster about $60 at best. Once the pipeline is emptied,chances are good that I'll be slightly better off than being at a zeropoint, and apart from living in comfort again, it'll be a big priority forme to recharge my financial batteries as quickly as possible.


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