Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Goodbye MSN

For those of you who don't like computer stuff, this entry will bepretty boring. Sorry.

It looks like MSN's upcoming update isn't about security, or at leastis about security only peripherally. A MS spokesperson has commentedthat running an IM service is expensive, and expects third parties topay for continued access. One question I have -- they're providing freeaccess to MSN Messager users, a free product. How does that work exactly?Does Microsoft get money from some strange source for MSN Messager, but onlywhen Microsoft's free client is used? Or is this just about control?Anyhow, in sum, to those of you with whom I chat using my MSN Messager account(there's not many of you), I'm not going to be able to keep using it soon.Now's a good time for you to install AIM/ICQ.

Last night, at Coffee Tree, after much pain and frustration, I figured outhow to send/get cookies on mod_perl. When I get done with this, I'm goingto probably write some better documentation for the mod_perl folks, soother people won't need to do what I did. It's simply not cool to need torun nm on a XS library to find out what methods a Apache::RequestRecobject takes. I'm lucky I come to Perl from a C background -- the poorPerl developers who don't probably need to spend a week on mailing liststo figure out what they want. The practical effects of this is thatmy BLOG will very shortly have the ability for visitors to set theirpreferred colors, and I'm a step closer to having comments working.For those of you immediately curious, here's how you do it..Setting a cookie:use CGI::Cookie;my $cookie = new CGI::Cookie( -name => 'test', -value => 'yes', -expires => "+3M"); # Seconds$apache_r->headers_out->set("set-Cookie" => $cookie);

Getting cookies:my $cookies = CGI::Cookie->fetch($apache_r);foreach my $cook (keys %$cookies) {
print "Name: " . $$cookies{$cook}->name() . "
print "Value: " . $$cookies{$cook}->value() . "

Of course, $apache_r is whatever you called the apache request objectthat you got in the handler() method you declared that was required.Needless to say, this low-level interface is meant to be wrapped.

On friday, I ordered a new wireless card for my laptop. Redhat 9.0 (and9.1) have wireless support builtin, so no more of the old painful processinvolved getting that working. I just wish that the builtin wirelessin my laptop had worked. I guess I might get a base station for homeeventually, although for right now, having places to plug in in my bedroomand compter room is enough.

I'm finding myself using my desktops a lot less often nowadays. This laptop,unlike my last, is actually good enough to be a desktop replacement, andnow that dachte (my virtual server that's probably hundreds of miles away,to the extent that it exists) handles all my mail, well, I only tend to useforrester and holly when I don't want to wait for morose to boot or when Iwant to play CivCTP. Morose is actually faster than either of them. Althoughit gives me no pleasure to say it, I'm beginning to think about backing upthe data on forrester, shutting it down, and putting it in the closet. Holly'sstill useful for games, and torgo is still good for being a NFS server...Hmm. I'll think some more about it.

It seems like the spam is picking up again. This time, my filters areready for it though... Of the latest swarm that're all pretty much thesame, my filters caught 80 messages over the last 12-hour span, andonly missed 2. This doesn't count the small number of diverse spams,of course.

Finally, unrelated to computers, some meditations on "Cogito ergo sum".As I've written before, it isn't at all convincing to me -- asystem could think without being real -- thought is a sequence of states.and such sequences can be examined in the abstract. Oops, sorry, had togo run an errand while writing this, and forgot where I was going.Anyhow, here's something i just found on google on the topic.It's interesting, but if you don't find it so, at least enjoy the weirdpainting.

Finally, some more pics from the Hypatia event are up.Not sure what I'm going to do today.

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