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The smell of old dolls

I think that I have a tradition, unless I'm scribbling on the past,of mentioning first the thought that most strikes me during the timeeach entry covers. For today, it's definitely a smell I smelled whileat work. I'm setting up a new Pat-facilitized system (as opposed todepartment-facilitized) for a new person, and while burning CDs, I hadto go downstairs some 10 times during the day. On one of the trips,walking past some of the offices (they do some weird stuff in the basementof the building where I work), I smelled a smell that was very familiar,and kind of pleasant, that I couldn't quite place. On the way back, Ithink I placed it (but the smell was gone) -- it's the smell from mysisters' "My Little Pony" ponies back from many many years ago. They don'tscent them intentionally, I don't think -- it's just a strange, clean, butvery unique plastic smell that I haven't smelled since until now. It's funnyhow smells stick in memory so well.

For the last 3 nights, I went for very late night trips to India Garden.From 23:00 to 01:00 (when they close), their dinners are half off, so I hadnice, cheap, Saag Paneer, as spicy as they could make it, for slightly lessthan $5. I figure if I can't get rid of my insomnia, I at least might as welltry to enjoy it. Still, I might want to try experimenting with different foodsto help me fall asleep when I want. I was kind of sleepy in my Philosophy classtoday, until a nice, cool, humid breeze blew in through the window.. itrefreshed me.

Yesterday's date went pretty well (as far as I can tell) -- she's cute,interesting, and we had a good conversation. She was a little bit hard toread though, so I'm not really sure if she's interested (it's always so hardto tell because our culture is too polite to directly saw when we're notinterested). I guess I'll find out over the next few days.

Back to Indian stuff, one of the songs from India Garden got stuck in my head,so I went to an Indian supermarket and got the CD. It's kind of silly, perhapslike Japanese ondo. Want a taste?. Apparently it's rather trendy in India.The musician's name is Daler Mehndi, and he's dancing and laughing at himself,in the form of various elemental spirits.

In philosophy of science, we're really exploring interesting grounds. It turnsout that pre-heliocentric models of the stars have as much practical use asnewtonian physics, for everyday things. That's fascinating. It's a bit difficultfor me to wrap my head around some of the corrections layered on correctionsneeded to make the old system work precisely, but for everyday stuff, that'snot needed. I'm imagining it would be most enriching to argue with theastronomers of the day, testing my knowledge of the subject, arguing forheliocentrism. A slight irritant -- if you're writing a book, or teachingthe topic, the name of our planet is Terra, the name of our moon is Luna, andthe name of our sun is Sol. Use the right words. Hehe. But I'm a pedant.Anyhow, in class discussion, the teacher intentionally takes a positionof saying that the systems are equal, and there's no way in principle todistinguish. He's fishing, but he knows he is, and has fun doing it. I tookthe bait, making an argument focused on Bayes Decision Theory, and a briefand interesting discussion ensued regarding the role of statistics inearly science. There's more to come on that front, the teacher promised, asthe class progresses.

I designed a fourth poster for the upcoming 'big meeting' of PUSH.I hope it actually turns out bug -- it's soon. I especially like the lastquote.."If God is inside us, I hope he likes fajitas, because thats what he's getting" -- UnknownHeh.

Hmm. I recently found that someone I care about is possibly having trouble insomething very important in their life. I'm a bit worried about that -- I wishthere were some way I could help, but this is an area that's rather complexfor them, and they approach that area of life totally differently than I do.What can one do in such a circumstance? Suggest they adopt one's path? Maybe..That does smack a bit of opportunism though.

Work is getting rather busy again -- the fact that I'm still here this late,and may be here for later still, without a concern for making up hours drivingme, is evidence of that. I guess I'm skipping philosophy tonight (again).On the upside, perhaps I'll get the homework for psych done tonight, so I won'tneed to worry about it tomorrow. Well, tomorrow things will be more interestingyet at work.

If I get some time and have the inspiration, perhaps I'll start to implementaccounts for pound tonight. I've decided that until I find a nice package tohandle authentication for me, I'm going to be very lazy, so passwords will beplaintext, and all that. Still, it'll be cool to finally have the new features.I might also work a bit on making it look spiffier by default.

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