Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Scrambled brains

Last night, I half-fell asleep, and spent most of the evening ina very strange half-sleep state. I remember thinking of a lot ofthings that were terribly clever, and a lot of things that didn'tmake much sense, and I wish I had written some of it down -- all that'sleft is fleeting impressions. Perhaps that's as close as one can cometo an altered state of perception without drugs.

Today should be a good day. Interesting things afoot at work, andmy wireless ethernet card should arrive today, according to the FedExtracker. One thing I've learned is that one should always go with theslowest shipping possible when ordering things -- it's turned out toalways be as fast as 3-day shipping for me, and much cheaper. They always offer some 20-30 day shipping, and personally I think it's justa way for either UPS/FedEx or the involved company to rip people off.It's not like it's at all profitable for your stuff to be taking upspace in a company or FedEx/UPS warehouse. What you're really buying,usually, is just priority in a queue, and unless the queue is fairlypacked, ...

Anyhow, it'll be neat having working wireless on my laptop. Maybe eventuallya driver for the builtin card will be released and I can sell the card oruse it in one of my other systems..

Ahh, as usual, I have a bit to say on politics.. not much.It's amusing to watch BushJr (pretzels be unto him) flail aroundon the economy like a worm on a hot sidewalk. He's apparentlyblaming it all on the mess left by Clinton. Well, like our mayorin Pgh, he might be right -- that's the problems with these blamegames -- if he gets elected again, and the economy doesn't get better,he'll simply say that the mess left was worse than he thought. Withoutaccess to economists and a lot of detailed (behind the scenes?) informationabout what the economy is doing, there's simply no way for me to have areasonable opinion on whether BushJr is messing things up, or if he'scleaning it.. well, his advisors, anyhow. BushJr isn't particularlyintelligent, but his advisors, while being people I mostly intenselydislike, are probably more intelligent than he is. Note that I amnot an agnostic (in the sense of saying that it cannot be known, and thata moderately trusted conclusion is impossible) on this issue, I'm justsaying that I don't know enough. And chances are, unless you've beendoing some studying on the issue, you don't either. There's a lot ofcolumnists around, one of whom has added me to their mailing list forsome odd reason, who are calling for the local mayor to resign, sayingthat it's all his fault, while at the same time fighting every cut hemakes to city services. It's fine to say "don't cut this", but it's alot better to say "do cut that" -- cuts simply must be made untilthe problem is fixed. To phrase it biblically, in politics, you shouldn'tblame people for taking the lesser of two evils unless there's a clearthird path that's better yet. So, Mr. Rauterkus,do you actually have any ideas about how things should be done, or arerants all you can do? Maybe the mayor should resign, or be impeached, orwhatever. I don't know, but you haven't shown any sign that he's ignoringbetter ways to do things.

The fanatics are riled up recently... an abortion center was bombed bysome fundie, and he's up for execution. Amusingly, this is an area whereI used to be on their side, but for different reasons. Now I have thatnuanced position, and even after the brain has begun to develop, up throughbirth, I don't consider it to be equivilent of killing a full human(although after significant brain development, I still do think it should becriminal to abort, just with a lesser penalty). So, yeah, I'm not reallybothered with the execution of the guy. If he wants to call himself a martyr,sure, that's great. He can call himself the grand poobah of mars if he likes.A week or so ago, someone hacked into a central site for spammers, grabbedtheir member list and associated content, and posted it for all to see.We now have phone numbers, postal addresses, and similar information on alot of the spammers of the world. No doubt some of them are going to getharassed. I have no sympathy.

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