Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bending the air (part 2)

Today was pretty fun...I went to Whole Foods for the first time, and found it to be a lot likeWild Oats, back in Cowtown. It even had my favorite cheese (Chaumes).Although you'd think it'd be more expensive, the near-monopoly GiantEagle has in the large supermarket market around here means that theprices are surprisingly competitive with the going rate. I'll be goingthere a lot more often, with the Indian grocery store on Craig being anothernew favorite.

I couldn't remember the second reason I went out, so I didn't actually goget a wireless AP for home. Oh well. Maybe tomorrow. I'm at Coffee Tree now,and out of curiosity, pulled out my wireless ethernet card and looked at thelist of networks here. CMU is on the very edge of being available -- detectablebut not actually strong enough to be usable. Telerama is actually pretty stronghere, and as I've been chewing on the idea of switching my DSL over to it forsome time, I came to a snap decision and subscribed to their wireless service.Once I get a replacement DSLmodem, I'll drop verizon DSL too, and enjoy theirattractive combo package. Apparently, Telerama has all kinds of nice alliancesmeaning I'll be able to use it in all sorts of other places..

I've cancelled my payment thing -- it neither has any new peopleon it nor am I really thinking much about the dating thing. It's probablyjust a general, no-real-reason weakening of interest in the thing, combinedwith a wonder of what happens to me when I'm actually in a relationship.
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Cool -- I just met someone from the local music scene, and talked with himfor about an hour on his music, while listening to a sample.

Well, it's now almost 1am, and time for coffee tree to close, so off I go.It's neat thinking that all this is live right now though. Huzzzah!


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