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You'll be back

Another dream, this time relatively novel, for me. I was in some kindof combination asylum/police custody, in a place that strongly resembleda dentist's office's waiting room. Again, I had weird powers that Idon't have in real life, and they were doing their best to keep me there,all the time knowing that I could escape if I really tried. I think theywere attempting to appeal to my respect for law to keep me. For example,right as I was due to be released, I created some garlic salt to seewhat it would taste like, ate some, and offered the rest to the otherinmates. Someone noticed, and said that I was guilty of famine, so I'dneed to stay another month. I was indignant that such a brief act couldlead to so long an additional stay. So, I charged up my power, made a blastnear the door to indicate I would not be messed with, and ran out of thefacility. As I went, the secretary told me I'd be back. So there I was,flying around the city... it apparently was a futuristic place, not at alllike the dark sides of cities I sometimes see in my dreams. Flying cars,and lots of off-white architecture. I mumbled into my hand as a glowingelectrical storm grew there -- I was writing a virus to go erase all recordof me from the facility. And that's my dream.

The Taiwanese are making steps that are making the PRC rathernervous. From mentioning Taiwan on their plassports to talk of officiallychanging the name of their government from the Republic of China to Taiwan,the PRC is no doubt very *interested* in what'll happen next.

Oh, yes, Abbas has resigned.There goes the neighborhood. There's so much stupidity going on over there.Israel couldn't honor its own ceasefire, because it just had to keepassassinating people it didn't like whenever it saw them. Arafat wouldn'treign in people who were too keen on playing gunslinger. Abbas just had towimp out. I've always found it weird that people would view resignation asbeing a good way to advance a cause. Lose your office, and at least on thesurface, you've turned off your ability to enact your will. Am I missingsomething here? I guess things will probably go back to their usual violentarrangements. So much racism and nationalism, so little room.

Yum. Enjoying Saag Paneer with Basmati rice. I love my ricemaker.

Oh, finally, take a look at this.Some stupid kids were playing Grand Theft Auto (a game I found ratherfun when I played it at a friends house a few years ago), went and got guns,and shot at cars on the highway. Someone died, and someone else got hurt.So, the families of the victims are suing the video game manufacturer. Thismakes me absolutely furious. It's a pity someone doesn't go and shoot them.If you're playing a video game, or reading a book, and you go off and hurtsomeone, it's your fucking fault, not the book or video game author's. Thevideo game is not going to slither out of the console, jump through yournostril, and assimilate you. It's you. Cope. And you fucking families ofvictims, I know you're angry, but if you let your anger spray all over the place,or if you let your anger turn to greed, you're scum. That's it. Victims, inmy book, don't magically get permission to do whatever the hell they feel likedoing. It doesn't matter if your family was killed by gangsters, or if peoplemade fun of you in school, or whatever. That is NOT an excuse to go hurtsomebody else. I'll refrain from extending this into another area (althoughif you know me, you can probably guess what I'm not saying), and simplysay that if you try to restrict the flow of information out of some stupidwitchhunt, there are plenty of people like me who will do our damnest tofrustrate your efforts, and we'll push things FAR beyond the natural balancejust to piss you off. Want to ban smoking advertisements? We'll make our own,grassroots smoking advertisements, unconnected to the industry, saying thatsmoking is really really cool. Want to ban blasphemous books? We'll producestuff that'll make the stuff you initially were banning look like thefricking bible (which is itself full of incest, violence, and stupidity, muchof it on the hands of the character Yahweh itself). You don't get tocensor. Verboten. Try it and you'll end off worse than you were before.

That said, how can we try to understand the violence? There's probably acertain rate of nutcases that are bound to be produced by a society, regardlessof circumstance -- brains are complex, turbulent things. Can a country thisbig's rationing of loonies explain what we've been seeing? Maybe. There mightalso be structural problems in society that families arn't fighting againstvigorously enough. There've been numerous studies indicating that Americanswork longer than any other nation in the world. That's not a good thing --less time for leisure, family, and nature. I'm not simply suggesting peoplefind a new thing to blame. I'm saying that families need to spend more timewith their kids, less time thinking about work, and that when problems dohappen, some level of it is to be expected, and the rest of the faultbelongs to the kids and the parents.

I'm irritated that the most recent bike crash seems to have injured mein ways that I have not completely recovered. I have a spot near one of myeyes where I occasionally bleed that hasn't yet completely gone awayyet (although I expect it to soon -- it's getting better), and, much worse,my left hand has lost a bit of mobility and has some spots on it thatare sore to the touch. That hasn't changed at all since the wound healedup, and I imagine it might not ever be the same. At least it looks normal.

Anyhow, I'd best go get the AP.Wireless cheers me up.

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