Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bending the air (final part)

So, I now have a wireless AP in my apartment. It's aLinksys Wireless-G Broadband Router. Naturally, it does 802.11g, and itwas, surprisingly, the same price as the plain Wireless-G access point.Initially, I was disappointed with how poor the signal strength it had was --someone nearby, whose AP I leeched off of last night, had a strongersignal, despite my being right next to the thing. Then I came back tonight,and did a firmware upgrade (for other reasons), and the signal strength wentWAY up. Go figure :) I guess the moral of the story is that for relativelynew hardware, firmware upgrades are a good thing to do, even if it's notobvious why. Oh, and as an added bonus, according to this site,it's possible to do all sorts of cool hacks on this particular unit. I had no idea that this particularmodel alone was the right one for this kind of thing -- I guess I lucked out innot getting the Wireless-G or the other Linksys units there...

So, today I was at Coffee Tree, and found out that a friend is going througha rough time in life. Then, another set of recent acquaintances were talkingabout various aspects of the wedding they had planned, but had postponedindefinitely. It might be that she's planning to join the military forawhile, and doesn't want a commitment during that time. Still, kind ofa bummer for him, I imagine. I know I'd be unable to deal with a chosen'sdesire to be free of the commitment of a relationship, just forawhile, with the expectation of things resuming later.

OpenBSD 3.4 is due soon. Apparently, they've excised a number of GNU toolsfrom the system, replacing them with BSD tools. Interesting, but kind ofpointless unless they want to make their own gcc. Speaking of which, itstill has an old gcc. Oh well. Maybe once I get a replacement DSLmodem,I'll upgrade my firewall to 3.4. I wonder what new musicthey'll have for 3.4..

It's only during moments of lucidity that you notice you're insane.When I'm tired enough, I think odd thoughts, but I only notice themduring the brief periods of being fully awake...

Tags: tech

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