Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Avoiding the Rocky Road

I had my first day of work in my new office today. It was weird, and not in a good way. Because my new office lacks windows, is so large, and because it's just me in there, it feels like I'm in stasis. There are no indications of time passing, and my body is very confused by this. At today's status meeting, I told my bos I wasn't thrilled at the office move, and he gave me a sorry, which actually means a lot to me -- it doesn't make it better, but it helps a bit. After chainmail class today (which was awesome, both becase of a little matter I'm deluding myself a bit over and because we're now making cool things), I had a nice, long chat over tea with a friend who is probably about as close to being another version of me (on some areas, at least) as anyone I know here. I admittedly complained a lot about frustrations and things I'm depressed about, and they showed me both some areas where I was wrong and led the discussion down juicy intellectual pathways -- the kind of conversation that one cannot help but remember for how juicy and intereesting it is. I felt a lot better afterwards, both for points addressed and for the heavy intellectual stirring.

I'm getting near the end of my bus-book - volume one of the collection of books by Comrade Mao. The last essay I read was fascinating, describing issues of solidarity, cooperation, and identity between different factions of society. The essay is written to lay out the theory and goals of the Communist Party when it began to cooperate with the Kuomintang when they joined forces to fight the Japanese (who were invading China at the time). In the face of a greater threat, Mao pushed his party towards political involvement in what was to become a more democratic society, giving up revolution (by the essay, likely for good) as a means to Communism and instead working within the political system, which he admits he is unsure he will be able to navigate to ensure victory for Communism. The demands he makes of the unity government and steps he describes to inspire prominence of the party within democratic means. As I understand of history, the unity government did not last long -- I look forward to reading Mao's perspective on that. I am also impressed at his writings on military tactics.

I'm tired..

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