Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Unexpected Appearances

I just got back from PUSH. It was another meeting with roughly thesame size as last time, but a slightly different composition.Apparently my fliers arn't bringing people yet -- we're cancellingnext week's meeting to do a lot more postering instead. The next meetingis on coming out as an atheist/agnostic and also 'why atheism/agnosticism?'.Anyhow, on the way back, I stopped by E&P for a nice strawberry shake,and saw something odd. There was a black Muslim (who I think may have beenan Imam, by his manner and appearance) who was passing a table of blackkids, who grew suddenly quiet at his approach. He turned to look at them,said "Peace" in an odd way, and walked on. Hmm.

Weird -- wally's playing with a large spider in the kitchen. They're bothrunning across the room as wally bats it around.

I came across someone interestingon the web recently. It's not that I agree with him very often, but thathe has a lot of ideas.

Ugh, homework due tomorrow. Back to it.


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