Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Buddha in the Chips

Well, no. This is kind of the opposite.The worst error message I've ever had to decipher is staring at /admin/ProjectList.jsp(24,0) Expected "param" tag with "name" and "value" attributes without the "params" tag.

Umm. okay. What the hell does that mean? I gather it's on line 24 of thatfile. But that's just a jsp forward directive... if I comment it out,the error goes away, but in that case, I really do want to forward users toa different page. Hmm..

I almost was late to class today -- I simply forgot all about it, andwas thinking about heading for lunch, when a coworker mentioned stuff fora class they were taking, and I realized and rushed off. I was just 5 minuteslate, and am continuing this entry there now, but I didn't get the seat upfront that I like. *sigh*

We're covering the false dualism of top-town and bottom-up in visionsystems right now. Uninteresting -- with all the possible algorithmsout there, there are many good ones that simply can't be classifiedas either. Something as simple as memoization (which is, incidentally,the basis of a really cool Perl modulereally chops the guts out of such a simple categorization scheme.In philosophy, we're getting near the end of the Copernicus book,and I find myself wondering what's next. I actually missed a homeworkin that sometime back, but our lowest two are dropped, so I'm not tooworried.

Sweden is thinking about joining the EU Currency system, and will holda referendum soon. Interestingly, the murder of one of the big advocatesto join might charge the election and help push the vote towards a yes.

Yahoo might be joining MSN in bumping third-party apps from their network.Either that, or they're just doing an upgrade. I hope it's the second andnot the first -- unlike MSN Messager, I actually use yahoo pretty often.Dell's going to try to take on Sony, selling a lot of the same line ofconsumer electronics. Interesting.

Amusing thing to learn - use handwriting style to hide additional hidden-banddata stream in communications. There are all sorts of interesting things similarto this that could be useful in covert situations, e.g. kidnapping victimsbeing given monitored communication.

A few days ago in class, there were two students passing notes and laughingquietly. The teacher noticed, and booted them from the class. Yet, bothteachers I have seem to be unwilling to call people wrong, even when theyclearly are, or are being stupid. The teachers just try to map whatever theysay into what they're saying. It's kind of frustrating.. and I found it quitegratifying (although I'm not sure what that says about me) to see the talkerswalk out of the classroom. Hmm.

Tomorrow's Pretty Good Race is something I'm reallylooking forward too. Huzzah!

Tags: philosophy, science

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