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Alkaline Voice

I've been grabbing music from all over the place, and surprisingly,for this most recent grabbing, it's all been legal. Here's whatI've been getting:Another Brick in the Wall - Yup. It's a cover. A very silly one at that.Songs from Death Cab For Cutie. Up until now, I've just had one song from them. For some reason, their weird voice reminds me of the salty, grainy feel of a strong alkaline. My favorite song of the bunch actually is the one I had already, called "president of what?"Songs from Bad Religion. Lots of goodies. There's videos too -- see the video for "American Jesus" especially.

Oh, yeah, I obviously survived the race, as I'm writing to you. It's good tohave made it, even if I didn't do that well.Doing well really wasn't the point anyhow -- it was really more about beingsocial with fellow geeks, and having fun. I'll probably do the random distancerun next spring (the other CMU CS running thing) and maybe get involved inmore geeky things too. Anyhow, after making it back to my office, and gettingchanged, I went to hang out at the friday geek gathering, and chatted for abit, but then spotted a certain someone who knows that I don't want to seeher, who had the chutzpah to show up at a CMU event knowing that, rightoutside my bloody office, in the same building that she almost never visitedme at during the many months we were dating because she claimed she had ahard time finding the building. Shithead. So I turned around, went back tomy office to get my things, and left instead of being social. If I werechildish, I'd start hanging around the Law School building in Duquesne, but,alas, I guess that point will simply remain unmade.
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Anyhow, back from that digression, it was indeed fun. There were somepeople doing it on unicycles, and one guy did it backwards. There were peoplewho looked the whole range from the extremely stereotypical geek to people wholooked pretty athletic. For much of the way, I ran with or near Daniel Neill,who I might've mentioned was at Andrew's party and Kate's party. Cool.Hmm. Next time, I'll get some new shoes though -- I have bruises under someof my toenails, and that's no fun. I wonder how old both of my currentsets of shoes are..

After I got home, I read for a bit, and then tried to make a late night tripto India Garden. Unfortunately, I went by car, and drove around for half anhour looking for parking before it closed, so I drove back home. Oakland isreally a lousy place to try to park. Today, I cleaned my place a little bitmore, did some reading to get ahead for Philosophy class, and walked aroundfor awhile. I was kind of sore though, and I took a long nap in the middleof the day (which is why I'm still up (yes, I measure days by sleeps, notby midnight (or sunsets, for that matter))). I spent a long time at CoffeeTree, but I was frustrated by the wireless network not operating properlythere. Fortunately, there was a really fascinating conversation happeningat the next table that I listened in on and very lightly participated in.It was a guy I've seen there several times before, and might've mentionedon here -- a Jew who went through Yeshiva, and was on the path to becomea Rabbi, but decided he didn't believe, and did more than that -- investigatedhis entire life, and the orthodox lifestyle, calls it brainwashing, and is nowa strong atheist. He was talking with a moderate Orthodox, claiming that muchof the tradition is ruining lives and creating prisons within peoples minds.It seems that Coffee Tree is *the* place to be if you want to hear peopletalk about a variety of interesting political and social problems, especiallythose related to jewishness. I note with amusement that the Orthodox thoughtthat I was Jewish, and as I was mostly just entering the conversationwhen addressed, I didn't get the chance to disabuse him of the notion (althoughI was able to tell them I was Atheist when they asked me if I was religious).Sometime I'd love to get in a more interactive conversation with any of theparticipants in that one.

I eventually biked home, dropped off my laptop, and went to India Garden,this time by bike. Again, the same sequence of weird Daler Mehndi videos,and again I didn't mind. It reminds me of some more strange dreams I have.There's the usual one of my current life being a observational point froma scientific experiment by an ancient being that split into several beingsto have several vantages, having been on Terra for millions of years. Recently,I've also had weird dreams about an evil military character from a webcomicI read. These generally involve a strange, scary blob slowly and verydeliberately shaping itself into that character, while looking menacing.Hmm.. and finally, the most recent elaboration of the first one, my defendingTerra against invading aliens. Yeah, corny, I know. Finally, a dream aboutsitting at a table with someone my dream mindset marked as 'the enemy', andeating dinner with them, watching their foreign practices and although wenormally would be in murderous conflict over these things, they respectedthat I did not take part in their specific practices. We spent the dinnertalking about a new common goal, and although I didn't see our differencesgoing away, and in fact foresaw violence again afterwards, the idea of thetemporary joined energy of the joined forces, and the tactical and otherpossibilities inherent in that, gave me a sense of intellectual excitement.No, I'm not being cagey or symbolic -- I really can't remember what theforces were, and it's very possible that the dream never actually had thedetail I seek.

Recently, on a redhat beta list I'm subscribed to (running severn onmy laptop), someone had a post in Japanese, and I was very happy to be ableto understand exactly what it said without needing to use any reference.Hajimemashite to you too, Mr. Kajyuneko. I suspect not too many other peopleunderstood your Tesuto. :)

I need to do a bit of shopping tomorrow, I think. Exciting.Next weekend, there's a renfest that I likely will go to. I also willprobably go camping alone sometime soon. I kind of like the idea of takingmy tent, some books, my IKEA lamp (cheap little thing that it is), and mysleeping back out to some park and getting some serious reading and stuffdone someplace far from anyone else.

And finally, I'd like to dedicate this entry to all those unsent letters,emails, and things we've never said. All those times when a communication,already prepared but never delivered, might've done who knows what toour lives...

Oh, and to all the stupid spam I get telling me how to increase my length.As far as I know, dedications don't always have to be positive, eh?Well, time for me to let Hypnos take me before Helios comes. :)Got Greek? Got Geek? .. Got Sleep.Zzzzzzzz

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