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Continuance of Music

A curiosity -- is there a big difference between songs that couldbe extended indefinitely and those that could not? Often, the lengthof a song could be varied by mechanically adding repeated measuresalready present in the song, and perhaps if not being done mechanically,by adding some improv sections in there to spice things up. Try not tobe offended, musicians -- many musicians actually do have differentlength versions they use for different occasions, and it's rare thatmuch is lost between the short and long versions (although sometimesaspects of the impression left on people can be changed). And then thereare songs, much more rare, that arn't at all suited for this kind of thing.I have a few in mind -- can you think of any?In some sense, I think one difference might be in metapatterns.. hmm.. ismeta the right word there? Patterns OF patterns, patterns ABOUT patterns..

Oh, yes, there's an OpenSSH exploit floating around the net. Time for everyoneto upgrade their sshd to 3.7 (no need for windows folk to worry about it, butthen again, if you're running windows, you're so completely screwed WRT securitythat it doesn't make a difference).

On the bike ride to work today, I passed the same badger(?) that I've passed forthe last two weeks. It's like he's there to greet me as I go by. Kawaii!

I wish, at work, they would stop skimping on the office supplies. I know I'vegriped about this before, but is it too much to ask to get pens that havecaps that stay on and that can write decently? I'm sure it's great that theycan get these things for 5 cents apiece (according to the supply cabinet form),but they are *REALLY* lousy. At the risk of alienating important people, I'mprobably going to see if I can get this changed. Of course, it says a lotthat I'm happy enough at work that the only real thing I have to complainabout is the pens. Actually, some specs for how something is supposed to workrecently changed, and it's the servlet code I've been working on for thelast two weeks, code I really don't want to mess around with. However, thenew design, although it'll take awhile to reshape the code to meet it, isactually more aesthetic, so I don't mind.

Recently, somehow, I got subscribed to a Mormon mailing list. Strange... buteasy enough to fix with my killfile. Then, yesterday I finally figured outthat two guys walking around Squirrel Hill who look like business schoolstudents (it's more nuanced than that, but this'll do) are Mormonevangelists. I stopped by and asked them what version of the Book of Mormonthey'd reccommend I get, making it clear that I'm not a potential convert, andthey gave me one of their sheets of paper with just a phone number on it.Yeah, sure, I'm going to give my postal address to door-to-door evangelists.Not gonna happen.

I also, on the way to get dinner yesterday, was stopped by cops, asking me toride my bike on the road instead of the sidewalk. This is a thing aboutdealing with cops that some of my friends never got (or perhaps they have moretime and/or boredom to deal with cops hostilely than I do) -- don't pissthem off, and don't disobey them when they're around. I simply said 'okay',kept going, got food, and on the way back, I walked my bike well past wellthey were, and then got back on. Obeying them for all time is not an option --riding a bike on the road all the time, around here, would be really stupid andperhaps dangerous. I'm good to pedestrians -- I'll happily reduce speed towalking speed until there's an opening to get by someone. The choice betweensidewalk and road is something that I make according to circumstance. However,this isn't some big civil liberties issue, so I'm not going to get in a cop'sface on it. It's like speeding -- it's a law that has become a game, with alight incentive towards safety brought by that game.

I recently have been reading the court decisions on Universal Studios versus ..well, what amounts to the editorial board of 2600 Magazine, and a few othersof interest, written by a Judge Lewis Kaplan. It's interesting, but there aresome spurious arguments (IANAL), and, more importantly, its arguments arewhat should happen, keeping with the current legal trends in this society.It's interesting, but I still advocate that people practice civil diso ... nah,that's prettying it up too much. I still advocate that people break the DMCAand all laws protecting IP (except for the protection of attribution, whichmay be removed, but not falsified). Rule of Law ... the philosophical positionthat people should obey/uphold laws, even those they disagree with, until andunless they can manage to get them repealed. I don't hold it, and you don'teither. Would you have been part of the (illegal) underground railroad? Thoughtso.

I recently found a place to snag the video for "21st Century Digital Boy", byBad Religion. Huzzah.

Oh, yes, there's continuing work in congress to put an end to the travelban and trade with Cuba, BushJr is determined not to allow legislature throughthat would undo the recent FCC changes that allow scary levels of consolidationin the media market *sigh*, and here's two contrasting opinionson ecological vigilanteism. I'm not too sure where I stand on this. Hmm.I commend spiking of trees, in certain circumstances and areas, providedwarning or sufficient protest is given, in order to prevent or impairnonsustainable logging or destruction of important natural resources. No,I haven't hashed out the second yet, don't ask (yet). I think SUVs are anabomination, and that they should be banned, legally made to be in horriblecolors so people who really need them(??) will be the ones who have themand noone else, or perhaps that they'd result in a special, large, tax hikethat would go to subsidize public transportation and/or research into orindividual purchase of eco-friendly verhicles. I won't condemn vigilantekeying or painting of SUVs, but I don't really think I currently approve ofit either.

Finally, Rice and Rumsfeld have said there's no evidence linking Iraq to theWTC attacks. Duh. According to that article, though, lots of ignorant americansfeel otherwise (or perhaps feel that there should be such evidence). How hardcan it be to fool a public that so strongly wants to believe somethingthat when the people who should know, and who already have a good reason tolie, and are pressured by their boss to do so, tell them what they don't wantto hear, they go on believing it? Americans are to Europeans like AmericanCheese is to Real Cheese :)

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