Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Strangest Milk Bottle

The lawsuit I mentioned earlier with the stupid murder/assault victim familiessuing video game manufacturers is now filed. We also have names now.Let it be known that the following people are scum, and for those of uswho might live nearby, make them persona non grata, picket their houses,etc.

Jack Thompson - Lawyer who's representing the familiesMiss Bede - One of the victims, now making victims of her ownFamily of Aaron Hamel - The other victim's family. Be careful -- not all of them necessarily support this stupid action

But yes, I indeed would picket their homes, and tell them in the strongestpossible terms that they are scum. Again, folks, being hurt isn't a blankcheck to abuse others, and attempting to use it as such invalidates anyclaims you might've had to sympathy.

Anyhow, I think it's about time to get another haircut. I'm again at thelower bound of where it looks silly in that long gap between the short-looks-goodand midlength-looks-cool. The midlength type of cool is really good forcreating a mad scientist kind of look, which I definitely like...But no, for now, I'll stay in the short range.

Oh, I owe the title of this entry to my boss. In yesterday's lab meeting,we were talking about some advanced topics in statistics, and Andrew,to make it concrete, brought up an example of milk bottle examination forbad batches of milk. Fine in concept, but I had trouble not laughing whenhe started saying "the strangest milk bottle" over and over again in theconversation. Either everyone else was really good at keeping it in,or nobody else found it funny.

My cat and I are both ill... I think I've caught one of the illnessesfloating around CMU -- or it might just be allergies. It's just anirritated throat and sinus flow, and really isn't too bad. It seemsthat a lot of other CMU folk have it considerably worse than I dothough. I really don't tend to ever get very ill. Wally.. well, he'sbeen sick for awhile, I think. He vomits in random places abouttwice a day (so I've closed off many areas of my apartment from himwhen I leave so at least he'll do it somewhere I can clean up easily.When I'm home, and hear those magical sounds of him starting, I dropwhatever I'm doing, sprint to him, and run with him to the bathtub..It's kind of comic, really, if you can get past it being really disgusting.He doesn't seem to be doing too well though.. and if he doesn't get bettersoon, it's time to find a local vet for him.

I keep on going back and forth on having a quote collection on my webpage.There are several quotes I like, and some I've made, but although sometimesI'm pro-quote, sometimes I think they're hokey and dismissive of thecomplexity of reality. Hmm... perhaps if I want to dismiss the later claim,I should view the later voice as a spirit of gravity, something to beovercome -- I'm pretty sure that in most of my moods, that bears weight.

One thing I might do, however, is start to regularly note the number and kindsof spam I get -- perhaps there are interesting patterns.Later...

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