Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Zombie cow

This is likely to spook a few people..British scientists clone a dead cowAlso, I had a strange daydream... it was a mall, closing for the evening,and BushJr and Osama were both going over the floor with (surprisingly quiet)vaccuum cleaners. They nodded to each other as they passed.. I wonder wherethe foo that came from..

In psych class, we were discssing metal scene maps, and how they're manipulated.We were given a brief map to memorize, and I realize afterwards that I hadvery significant distortion of the map during recall after the original wasagain shown... hmm... Also, when asked to do some tasks, I can actually getpretty queasy, e.g. keep my eyes still while referencing the mental map and'scanning' for certain features. .... I've noticed this before, when tryingto do things that go against certain long mental habits relating to basicmental operations. ...

Tags: science

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