Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Married to the Mob Rule

Every time I go over to J/R's, there's the reflexive, constant criticism of the government whenever G's around. G's intelligent, but I think the criticism doesn't come from the mind so much as emotion, nor are the factual claims in his arguments well grounded or thought out. I agree with some of his ideas -- that current government and parts of our society are quite corrupt, and that fixing that corruption is difficult. I don't think that his analysis beyond that is very well thought out. I tend to find it kind of depressing to be exposed to that level of toxicity though, as one of the biggest differences I have with him, apart from admiration of the idea of societies in general, is optimism and concern for humanity. I believe that people exist who are not corrupt and greedy, often in positions of power. I've worked for some of them. While my first boss wasn't an admirable person in many ways, all the people in the second company I worked for seemed genuinely nice people. My third and fourth (current) bosses, in academia, are even better in my eyes -- they are people not driven by money so much as intellectual curiosity. They are an example of malleability of the human spirit -- that humans are not all greedy, selfish bastards that can't deal with any social arrangements besides living in primitive conditions with primitive societies out on a farm somewhere. I admire my present and past bosses - both of them are professors with tenure, incredibly intelligent, curious, devoted people who seem to be all about the science. The life of an academe is not about wealth when lived properly, and I can see that their mind is captivated instead by ideals and curiosity. This is what we should be encouraging, and what we need to see more of in government and all other sections of society.

Tonight, instead of walking the whole way there, I used Google Transit, giving me a pair of busses to go there and back. Overall, it went pretty well, although there were some quirks. The way there went very well -- taking the 61C from my place to North Craig, and then the 54C from there to Liberty is a good way to get neat J/R's. The first bus was right on time, the second was about 10 minutes late. For the way back, things were not quite so smooth - the 86A was a bit early (although I made it with time to spare), and the place it dropped me off at was not, despite Google Transit saying so, the same stop I was to be picked up by the 64A. After bring picked up there, it had me get out and walk at the border of Squirrel Hill, despite the 64A going much closer to my apartment. Still, I made it home on time using bus routes I didn't know existed without needing to plan the connecting parts much. Google Transit is useful, even if it doesn't quite get some of the important details right. It makes Pittsburgh's public transit much more usable..

My neck and back are incredibly, horribly sore right now. I'm feeling decently well otherwise though...


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