Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bad Clouds

Thoughts from this morning's bike ride:"Is this the best you can do, Gaia? All that hooplah about abig storm, and this is what we see up here? Come on, you can dobetter than this.. bring it on ... *ouch* *ouch* Okay, nevermind,I'll be quiet now *cringe* (it did actually happen to pick up a lot while Iwas riding).

On the upside, I'm not sick, it's just allergies. On the downside, theallergies are much worse today than they were yesterday, and I seriouslyconsidered taking a sick day for the first time since my wisdom teeth wereremoved. I feel really lousy -- my throat decided to wake me up around04, and I couldn't get back to sleep. My sinuses are draining like mad,and although I'm not sneezing at all, it's extremely uncomfortable. Bleh.I was meaning to put some extra time in from home to help out a coworkerof mine that's really cool, whipping up some perl magic, but the allergiesreally kicked in right as I was leaving work (around 19: -- another late day),and as soon as I made it home and sat down, I took some nyquil and that wasthe end of my day.

Oh, IBM has an innovative laptop design you might want to check out.At work, we got a batch of new, cool little laptops that I'm puttingLinux on. They're IBM X31 thinkpads, they weigh about 3 pounds, and they'reincredibly small. They come with USB floppies and a USB CD-ROM, so, like mycurrent laptop, they lack an integreated floppy. Seems to be a growing trend --floppy drives take a lot of space on a laptop, and most of it isn't utilized.People don't use floppies to transfer data anymore...

Anyhow, back to work -- maybe I can whip up the script this morning beforeshe needs it.

Tags: science

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