Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Things not to do

Well, just one. Don't take 4-year-old dayquil. I'm not entirelycertain, but I think it's giving me mood swings, and is definitelymaking me feel queasy. That, combined with the allergy I took it tocombat, are making me feel really ill and strange. As soon as I finishwith this message, I'm going to go home and see if massive amounts ofsleep can fix the problem. Ugh, and I thought I was miserable this morning fromthe allergies... gah.

During lunch today, I was reading out of science news, and there wasa fascinating article on how there are specialized scientists who cantake plant cells, expose them to various chemical recipes, and with oneappropriate to the plant in question, can generally produce a plant'embryo' which can be convinced to grow. They said that this is becauseplant cells, unlike animal cells, usually have a property calledtotipotency, whereby they don't specialize enough that they can'tbe reshaped into being another type of cell. There's apparently an art tofinding the right recipe, mixing a lot of intuition and domain knowledge.What a cool job that would be. It would be interesting, were it possible,if there were chemical ways of coaxing such capabilities out of animal cellsas well. Any cell could be a stem cell. In any case, the article was one ofthe best bits of pleasure reading I've had in quite some time. If you'resubscribed to science news, and did their online registration thingy,you can get the article online here. Pity it's not free to all.. :(

Time to go home and go to bed...

Tags: science

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