Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Gift

Today I woke up with what I might call 'the gift', if I were feelingespecially mystic and all. Actually, this is probably as close as I letmyself get. I woke up, unlike normal, with a sudden burst of energy,complete mental clarity, and ready to go, exactly when I wanted to. Isprung to my feet, reached to turn off the alarm, and it rang once togreet me just as I flipped the switch (the time of my awakening was6:59:50, I imagine). I'm all ready for today. Not that it's anythingspecial.

Last night, the musician I sometimes bump into at Coffee Tree was askingme some mildly pointed questions on how I live my life. We all need a bitof that every so often. I realize that, in my sleep, I was asking myselfmuch more pointed questions. There are some things I should change. Somethings are easy, and will have no negative impact on my life... There aresome other things that were suggested (by me) that I change (to me) thatI likely won't do -- that's the thing about advice -- you don't need toobey it. The great thing about being the offerrer and the offeree, althoughit's different states of me, is that I know I won't be offended if I don'tdo everything I suggested. There are some big thing suggested that aretempting, though. I just think I might fall flat on my face and break mynose, figuratively, if I were to try some things.

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It's nice waking up in the same room as some of the incense again... thesmells... *sigh*


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