Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Burning of Paris

Please read this Yahoo post on the riots in the slums of Paris, focusing especially on the part starting with "How did it all start?". I ask you the following:

    If you were the mayor of Paris or the leader of France,
  • Would you negotiate with the rioters? If so, what would be on the table?

  • What nonnegotiated changes would you make, if any, in how the country is managed relating to this issue?

  • Is assimilation a reasonable and acceptable hope to deal with the problem?

  • Is the millet system, as described as being used in the Ottoman empire, an acceptable way to devolve government to these communities? If so, what degree and kind of power should be given to them?

  • In your judgement, are the riots more about the youth who were killed, or the fact that police were sent into those lawless regions?

  • Do cultures and people need and/or deserve a tailored government to support themselves? Should subcultures likewise get their own government?

Any further speculation/ideas/rants after these ideas is also kosher.

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