Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Army of Hashes

Yeah, just a humorous misreading of something on PerlMonks.I'm actually feeling pretty good today -- my coughing has slowlyfaded to nothing, I'm almost done with one painful project at work,making good progress on another one that's low-attention but time-consumingand fun, and, just today, was given a project that, once it was explainedto me, is exclusively mine. Better yet, I'm doing it in Perl, and it involvesPostgres. I like code maintenance, and writing code to help others in theirprojects, but I *REALLY* like being given a task where I have a lot oflattitude in the design, I'm driving it, and I get to use *ALL* the tools *I*want to use. The first project is kind of like that, as I inherited it fromsomeone who's gone now, but it's in Java, and although I like Java, it iskind of a 'heavy' language, and with its strict OO stuff (which is nice insome ways), you end up duplicating a lot of code between your classmethods and object methods (and, similarly, between constructors). In Perl,as the object is just another thing you can toss around like you please,you don't have that problem, and can do the right thing. Except, as isevident with both person A and another person A at work, if you've learnedPerl only as a small tool, seeing clean, engineered, disciplined Perl willbe very strange for you, and is practically a different language.

In other notes,There's an irritating cricket in the kitchen where I work that only makesnoise at obscenely late hours of the night. Irritating. After lunch today,I did some of my work using my laptop in the atrium where I work, among allthe people eating and stuff. It was surprisingly refreshing. Flavouredhoney sticks have a nice, but bizarre taste. Hmm. I have a piece of homeworkdue tomorrow that I can't do because I lack a handout, and the professor neither let me know where to get it when I in email said I couldn't make itto class when it met last week nor responded when I asked for it by email today.I guess I can see if I can dig up the material on the internet... Mhhhh.

I'm getting increasingly irritated at Verisign, but it seems that with theirrecent stupid DNS tricks (a money grab), they've pissed pretty much everyonewho understands what they've done. A number of other geeks I know are nowrepeatedly pinging the target site from their boxen, and are trying to geteveryone they know to do so as well.. the point is that a single ping iscompletely innocuous, but with enough of a distributed effect, Verisigncan have their site brought down by it. I think I like this line ofthinking, but I'm not sure enough that I really want to join in until I'msure. No, it's not some lame legal worries -- the internet has always beenself-policing, to an extent (although it's grown a lot since those days, andthe continual intrusion of outsiders, esp. judges and lawyers who like totry to stick their nose where it doesn't belong, is a threat we need tokeep aware of nowadays and counter..), it's just that crusades arn't a goodthing to get involved in unless you're really sure you condone both thecause and the actions taken. I'm still at the "I think so" stage.

I recently was talking with someone I know online about strategies inlife. They're currently thinking about a 'go for the money' way of livinglife, with the primary goal to retire at 40. I think that's a sure ticketto a midlife crisis -- living life for fun is important too. 20 years ofthe life they describe, I think, will suck the enjoyment out of them andthey're be bitter and twisted. Oh well. I at least know that a life witha mediocre but well-paying job is not what I'm looking for. In everythingI seek fulfillment.


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