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Communion with Gaia

Yet another biking accident. I was on my way to another PUSH meeting,and was on my way to Chatham, to bike there with someone. ChathamCollege is in a really hidden area of Squirrel Hill, and it'svery pretty. It is, alas, not very well lit, and I didn't know that ithad speed bumps, must less speed bumps that are larger than most.A bike going down a hill at full speed plus a speed bump make for badnews. I was briefly surprised to find myself flying -- I had no idea whathad happened.. and then I hit the ground, again with my shoulder and fist. Mybike apparently was completely airborne, as it came down from the air and landedon top of me. Ouch. After I got there, I had an unpleasant time in the bathroomwiping the blood off my hands. Longer-term damage? My left hand is swollenagain, and while the wounds on my right hand will probably heal quickly,my right arm has a lumpy spot near the bone that hurts, and my right shoulderis red, sore, and painful. Gah.

The meeting went well though -- we had someone new show up, and conversation wasgood. Afterwards I had another one of those 'argh' conversations where I wasn'tmaking it sufficiently clear that when I was describing the judgement societypasses on people isn't the same as the judgement I approve it passing onpeople, or they were reading things into what I was saying that I was nottrying to say. Either way, it was messy, and I probably offended the twopeople I was talking with, probably without that offense actually beingabout real differences. Communication can be tricky sometimes.

There was another snafu with my philosophy teacher -- I found that he gaveme the handout for the previous homework assignment rather than theone due tomorrow. Argh. A simple mistake, but one that'll lead me toanother homework scrounged together from what I can find about theauthor from other sources. Either that, or I could skip working earlytomorrow morning, go to the library, get the article, and do thehomework then, and work late to make up for it. What a pain, but I don'twant to fall through my 2-free-homework safety net, so I need to give thisa good effort.

I think my grandfather has something in common with me -- he just sent anothermessage to everyone he knows telling them about an amusing experience -- atree almost fell on him when he was cutting it down.

Science News has a fascinating article on social studies on monkeys, wherethey showed that monkeys have an inherent sense of fairness... well, no.Fairness is such a vague concept. There's another way to interpret their datawhich is more concrete -- they become angry at their percieved lesser socialstanding, and their anger makes them less willing to deal with the researchers.

Oh, and accordin to BusinessWeek, a magazine that my parents subscribed me to(they were due some free subscriptions for some reason), a magazine thatI get but almost never read, Microsoft is about to kill the antivirusmarket -- they're entering it, will integrate their product with windows,and will charge for virus signature updates. It's pretty amazing how bundlingkills a field..

From the Bad Religion song Infected: you and me have a disease, you affect me, you infect me, I'm afflicted, you're addicted ....

Oh, yes, look at this. Interesting.


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