Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Thank you for stabbing me

How can you take something away from the masses, improving your profitmargins at their cost, while still getting applause? Simple -- pretendit's about something else. Ask Microsoft. I mentioned before that myaccess to Microsoft Messager is going to go away soon, as they lock thirdparties out of the service, in the disguise of *cough* security upgrades.Ahuh, okay... Then, microsoft has shut down its internet chatrooms, as itwasn't making them any money. I never used those anyhow, but I'm certainsome people care -- there's a lot of uproar. Microsoft claims that it'sabout keeping the internet safe for children. And, of course, they'vefound some child-protection groups to praise them for it. Buttheads.

The Europeans are sending a rover to the moon for six months,to do chemical analysis of the surface. They're also experimenting witha new, low-power high-efficiency drive to get it there. Interesting.

I guess I'll need to take my bike to the repair shop soon. It still goes, butthe left gear switcher is messed up and looks like it might fall off if Ihold it wrong. Stupid speed bump. My shoulder's soreness has spread to partsof my back.. ugh.

Oh, good news for a change in politics. It appears that politicians are doingthe right thing to make life hard for spammers and telemarketers. Huzzah.

I'm much more hungry than normal today. Maybe my body needs extra resourcesto heal... I'll need to leave work to eat dinner soon.

For the time being, I can't get on yahoo IM..

Finally, a case in german law. Hmm.

Tags: science, tech

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