Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bad Wig Day

Topic has nothing to do with anything (and no, I don't wear a wig)..Tonight, at Coffee Tree, among other things, I implemented 80% ofthe code to leave comments in my BLOG from the web. Now, if you'relogged in, the reply button is live, and if not, it tells you thatyou need to log in to use it. Clicking on it takes you to a nicelyformatted reply screen, where you can type stuff in. And submitting..takes you to a screen that catches what you provide, and doesn't doanything with it. All I need to do to finish it is to write code tofilter out the HTML and other stuff people are likely to try to insert,and then write the code to toss it into the database. Yeah, it's maybe15 minutes more worth of work, but I'm at home now, and I'd rather makemyself a snack and some tea, and find something mindless to do or go tobed than program, for now. Perhaps I'll play final fantasy tactics fora bit, or do some pleasure reading. A package from Amazon I've been lookingforward to arrived today, along with my Pretty Good Race T-shirt. It'sfunny -- the shirt is recursive. If you see it, you'll know what I mean.Anyhow, the Amazon package is firstly a book that traces the relationshipbetween the German form of gothic script and german nationalism, and secondlya book by an autistic person describing their life. The second is actually formy psych class, for a mid-term paper, but, like my classes in general, itmight as well be pleasure reading or recreation. Heh.. that's how you knowyou're in the right field :) I tell you again, CMU is the best thing that'sever happened to me. Oh, a little tidbit from the script book from myglance at a page near the middle -- apparently it was actually Hitler thatkilled gothic script in germany during the third reich -- he dismissed itas being "Judenscript", and so it was swept away along with other things thateither had actual jewish connections or other things that were politicallyconvenient to connect to jewish culture to prepare for its purge. Fascinating.I didn't get the chance to poke my eyes at the other book yet.. but I lookforward to it.

There's a second beta of the latestand greatest redhat release out. But this represents a shift of directionfor redhat too. Oh, and be carefulwhen you write papers that they don't offend the powers that be.

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