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If you step lightly the air will bear you

Dubin visited me this weekend, and it was a lot of fun.Plenty of walks, lots of conversation, much of it onpsychology and the mental health field, and some funtrips to some places in the area. I got my place relativelyclean before the visit (and with any luck will maintain it assuch), and am trying yet another food to see if Wally willgain some weight back and stop vomiting.. We hiked allover the Squirrel Hill/Oakland area, and because he had hisGPS with him, I had my first real experience Geocaching.If you have an ID there, look for 'stone stash', and you'llsee both of our notes. I need to get a GPS soon so I cankeep doing it. On that trip, I got a good walking stick thatI'm currently stripping and cleaning.. I might look into ways tokeep it from rotting. Anyhow, we visited IKEA, Coffee Tree, CMU, Pitt,and India Garden, and also drove through Chatham, up Negley Hill, anddown to the Waterfront. Yay.

I kind of missed Rosh Hassanah, and got a little bit sentimentalpassing the hill where about a year ago, Debb and I were carvingpumpkins... Oh well.

Anyhow, it was one heck of a weekend.. I'm probably going to stay intonight, make some spaghetti or other pasta, and get some reading done.

It's kind of odd, but since I no longer have a single tool to do aim,icq, and yahoo at the same time, but do have seperate tools, I don't actuallyuse any of them as often. I'm not sure why.

Some news blurbs..Defense of Bowling for ColumbineDie Kunst, Recht zu behaltenComputer HumPerl 5.8.1 (of particular note is the hash randomization, a la OpenBSD pids)]More uranian moons

I'm in an odd situation. There's an opportunity I'd normally attempt to takein a heartbeat, but I realize that I can't because doing so would breaka commitment I made, or at least endanger it. Sad thing is, that I recentlyfound out that there's a better chance than normal that I'd get what I want.Chance.. that's an interesting thing we're chewing on in my philosophy ofscience class -- in particular probability as being based on randomness versusprobability as being based on incomplete data. There've been a lot of awfullybright people taking various tacks on the issue, suggesting that one or theother notion is meaningless, or that one is more important than the other.I'm inclined towards determinism, myself, so the incomplete data notion ishow I normally interpret statistics. Anyhow, yeah, by better chance thannormal, what I meant is, given the data I have, there's a better chance thannormal. That phrasing is interesting -- an alternative, less theory-advocatingform would be, given the data I have, the inference that I'd get what I wantis stronger. Yes, they mean exactly the same thing to me, but the firstcertainly flows more smoothly.. and it offends those with other views onstatistics :)

Oh, one final answer from the straight dope that I once asked when I was muchyounger.. how do touch lamps work?

o/~ Victories don't mean a thing if they don't last o/~That symbol.. I didn't get it for the longest time... it'sa note.

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