Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Inner scrape

A normal startup, almost. The screen comes on, the system boots up,a brief flash of penguin, and the text scrolls. The system is ready forwork, and work it does... pull back... the laptop sits in a field of grass,it's owner absent. Pull back, no people in sight, the field of grass apatch of green, a dimple in a mountain. Noone.

I recently stumbled on this. He's a philosophyprofessor in Japan, and his work on the history ofscience in Japan is fascinating. Take a look..

Oh, here's an example of committee logic, where a statement, throughdisagreement on its basic core, is diluted to the point of being meaningless,but is still made out of sheer momentum.

I recently had a conversation with someone I know on the net, a libertarian,where he, based on my thoughts on a few issues, insisted on grouping me withpeople that I don't really fit with. When I pointed this out, he said thathe's so tired of dealing with 'you people' that he didn't care. And thattendency, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly when humanity is at its worst,when it says "I'm so fed up with this that I don't care. You're a group, you'vehurt me, and I'm not going to listen anymore." I've heard this far too often,even among people I know, intelligent people who should know better. Yeah,sure, you're a special case, your causes following logic you don't think holdwater anywhere else. Ahuh. Just don't expect me to do anything but laugh.And how you squirm -- you reject detailed analysis of the problems, eithersaying it's very simple, and you're not going to listen to something complex,or simply say, like a mantra, "It's more complex than that", and use that asyour escape hinge from serious discussion. That's one of the things wrongwith a lot of people. And, so as to make this perfectly clear, I'm notsuggesting that people can always come to an agreement on everything. Thereare fundamental differences, things worth fighting over. However, before youreach that point, you should both be willing to admit that that is what it'sabout, not lying about the enemy or why you're fighting, and you should keepas cool a head as possible about things, making sure that that really is thecase before you start doing things. People are difficult, politics aredifficult, and sometimes there can't be any comprimise. It's still possibleto behave decently, even given bad situations. And that's my rant on worldpolitics for a little while. It's pretty flexible, so you can apply it toa lot of situations. It's kind of like a nice sweater.

I've recently found myself drawn (again) to the old music video for"Land of Confusion". I've been unable to find it online in mpeg or aviformat.. I'll keep looking.. but while looking, I came across a videocalled "faceless hill" by some artists styling themselves "aluminum", thatresets it to an environmental messaged anime. In turn, that got me tothinking about something in the game "Civilization: Call to Power". It'sa turn-based strategy game where you build a civilization, research stuff,and handle military units and the like. One of the units, available very latein the game, is called the Eco Ranger, and is only buildable to "Ecotopian"governments (which are also the only government that can build Ecoterrorists).Anyhow, the Eco Ranger has a unique ability that, when it scoots up to a city,it can open a nanite 'flower' on its back, releasing a swarm of nanites thatflood through the city, completely destroying it and everything around it,leaving only wilderness. The ethics of such a thing are fascinating -- it isat the same time monstrous (killing so many people) and beautiful (restoringnature on such a scale). Perhaps it's like the Genesis project from Star Trek2 (except with no side effects, and on a smaller scale). In this case, themostrousness outweights the beauty by a pretty wide margin.. If it could betargeted, perhaps deployed merely at the worst factories, and limited in scopeto the grounds, perhaps such a thing would be worth developing though, deployingat night when nobody's around :)

The wasp I mentioned is now quite large, and I am actually fairly stressedand a bit frightened about it. For right now, though, only my family and alawyer who's a family friend know the details, although when it's resolved,I'll reveal all. It's like a game of chess, really, except the stakes arehigher, and I'll tell you -- I'm not all that good at chess.

Oh, and the GAIM project has adapted theirclient to work with Yahoo again. Winter has come, or its predecessor, anyhow.Outland is closing.. I want to make another trip to Columbus within the monthto see it before the end. Maybe I'll try to get as many of my friends whowent there to come along as I can, so the final closure of that chapter ofmy life, and the closing, for the time being, of that part of myself, isat least one I explore to the limit. I wonder if I still have any appropriategeek-pseudogoth clothes anymore. Mhh.. so many memories... I want to dance thePanzermensch one last time.. to have my eyes stung to tears by the thickcigarette smoke, to see the wax and .. stuff.. the people stranger than regularsat Rocky Horror, the music... That's Outland.

Oh, some random funny pseudotech gobblygook I just shared with a friend..

(15:59:56) Improv: Interface the SCSI NIC driver with the etherfast bridge, and then upgrade the DLL driver(16:00:01) ColTim: lol(16:00:05) ColTim: they'd probably cry(16:00:24) Improv: With that in place, you can then go under the file menu, choose 'Save As', and then insert the DVD monitor(16:00:54) Improv: The CMOS will then take over, prompt you for your password, and then upgrade the internet to the FTP edition.(16:00:56) ColTim: the DVD Improv: Then you'll be able to print.(16:01:10) Improv: :)

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