Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Trailing the Crowd

Between moments.. like the Langoliers, or another film I saw,long ago, about stepping outside the normal flow of time.Orthogonal spaces in the common places.. isn't reality sparseenough? Society has not collapsed, it has rolled off of itsfoundation, like a snowball. Stability? No, just an indefinite,sticky end. You can see what the others do, or you can turn itoff. It's a gray neon, extravagant in its oddity, and it cannotbe allowed. This simple thing, it undermines the commercialism.Like a wooden fence where metal belongs, or vice versa, it laughsat society. And I feel bad pushing you, because you're alreadytroubled -- my place or yours? More like my needs or yours..The middle ground? Merely a way to be both an asshole and apushover. We can both see the peacock feathers you strap toyourself, and that's more than they can see, as we share thisspecial place. Your denorex, the minty smell, it fills nose,reminds of the icy past, the shame of childhood. I trod on thatchild, the mark on my face is my own. My sigil was given to me.Enlightenment is as often a closing of the eyes as an opening.At the end of the beginning of my world, I lay down, and theearth was made from my corpse. My tears and sweat formedthe ocean, my bones the mountains, my flesh the animals. Peoplewalked around then -- I felt the dull tickle of their feet onmy innards. Then, the sound that only I could hear, and so I sighed,licked my lips for the last time, and gave birth to myself. The earthsplit, and even now, that land is cracked. Noone has stepped into theempty city in my mind for ages, When Chaos swallows Gaia and Chronus,does it still hold those memories fondly? You touch my face, taste mytears, and begin to understand what I have lost, and what I have found.Not all can be lost, at the same time not all can be found. Sit with me.

I finished with comments. What's left? There should be a way to apply foran account on my BLOG in a bit more automated a way -- currently I needto plug people into the database directly. There should also be a wayto manage colour preferences -- again currently plugged directly intothe database. Finally, I need to work on pndc a bit more (the client programI use that you, unless you get your own website with mod_perl, probably won'tever use) so it handles some things better. Still, I'm happy with the commentsworking -- it gives me more motivation to tweak the rest of the stuff into it.It's been noted that in the open source community, getting the code 40% done is90% of the effort -- people only like to hack on your stuff when it's at leaststubbed out and does something. The same goes for personal coding projects, andstuff for work. I notice that the farther my program gets from the last time I wasable to test it, the more 'unsafe' I feel, even if it's often necessary or mosteffective to 'unhook' like that. If I get too unhooked, I easily get frustrated orconfused by the code. And, of course, that 'hookedness' is stronger in languages whereI'm natural, and in domains I understand. A good analogy for those two is a vehiclein neighborhoods. If you're driving someone else's car, and it's from asia and hasall sorts of gizmos you don't understand, and you're in a strange town, you're goingto be a lot more frustrated than if you're either in your hometown or driving yourpersonal preferred vehicle (in my case, my bike). And of course, it'd make a differenceif your passenger is someone who's a backseat driver in a rush versus a slow-pacedperson who's supportive. So, yeah, Perl feels very natural to me, C too. Java is stilla little bit scary, and other languages that I can do but are less familiar with (Javascriptespecially), well, I'm going to cling to testability for dear life, even if it takes meweeks to make small changes.

I can't believe I left my fricking gloves at work. Brr. Anyhow, time for me to slowly digthrough my blog entries and leave comments. I'm still chewing on allowing titles incomments -- if I'm going to allow it, now's the time to make the change before thereare actual comments, data that needs to be massaged later..

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