Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Mystery of Showers

Ever have something you always wonder in a situation, but yourthoughts of it fade quickly when you're removed from saidcircumstance? I've broken the barrier on one instance of that --the mystery of showers. I've noticed this for years -- that when one isin a shower, and has the temperature adjusted to one's liking, andit's been that way for awhile, and one gets a taste for more heat,adjusting the knobs in any way, even to turn up the heat or down thecold, will make the water overall colder, and you need to move theknobs quite a bit to reach or pass where you started. I find this odd.I know that shower knobs are by no means precision instruments whereyou get to set a temperature, or even a ballpark. Maybe if I had adigitally controlled shower (!), I'd expect it to be smart enough tohold temperature at where I like it despite a decreasing amount of hotwater.. but this is analog here. So, I ask, why doesn't:1) The phonomena not occur2) The water get continually and slowly colder, if the setting of the knob continually gets less 'real'?Perhaps it's some strange, coincidental characteristic of water flow, ormaybe there really is a lot more going on inside the faucet mechanismthan I would think.

On the topic of heat, it's now deathly cold outside, the kind of coldwhere you don't want to leave bed. I'm finding myself spending considerablymore time in bed, actually, snuggling with my cat. I hate the cold. I thinkI need to get a nicer pair of gloves, and dig out the heaviest of my clothes..

Yesterday's BLOG session was interesting -- it was actually being drivenby some academics in the Human Computer Interaction group, butwas an open forum. I hope they hold the future meetings at a timethat's more doable for me..

I've decided that I really should decommission forrester, and possibly torgotoo. Holly can stick around just as a backup system to connect to from outsideor something. I just need to go through the pain of backing everything up toCD before I actually shut them down..

It always struck me as odd how a lot of people, when posting pictures ofthemselves somewhere (bulletin board, whatever) always seem to have a knackfor finding the least attractive photos possible. I know that some peoplejust don't look good on camera, for whatever reason (e.g. they dislikehaving their picture taken, or they always have incompetant people take theirpicture), but when I know that other pictures exist of them that are nice,or know them to actually be good looking, there's really no excuse for themnot to have good pictures there. This is true for a number of situationsI've noticed in the last 2 years. So many people..

I might visit Columbus this weekend, I'm not sure. I really want to go campingsometime around here too...

Oh, last friday, I did some tricks and telnetted into my linksysrouter, playing around on the little linux it's running. Really cool. A few hours later, it froze up, and I had to give it a hard reset. Not so cool.Oh well. I think I know of a way to rearrange my apartment so the routerwill provide better wireless coverage.

On topic of the journal, I'll have the topic pages more fleshed out soon.Tweaking the backup scripts to understand the recent changes takes prioritythough. :)

Tags: science, tech

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