Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Goblet of Water

A vision -- water pouring from above,slowly filling a goblet... andthen to full, and past. The water flows up, over, and down the exteriorsurface

National Geographic had an advertisement that I found a little bitironic.. October 2003 version, near the front. It has a picture of abeautiful landscape, with the caption (snipped down a bit, emphasis mine): Race back to the Ice Age with a journey to the South Island's Southern Alps region. From the incredible Passchendaele Icefall to the gleaming expanse of the Bonar Glacier, you'll get the opportunity to experience a landscape that has barely been altered since time began. Explore this ancient land in modern comfort by helicopter, 4-wheel drive, or mountain bike.

I'm sure you understand the sad humour in this.Oh, yeah, a libertarian blowhard, who fully admits that he doesn't understandtechnology, still feels the need to post his ignorant rant on the anti-smam legislation.I like how he suggests that there's no way for the law to distinguishmail between people who obviously know each other, and actual spam. He alsosuggests that the actual spammers will be impossible to catch. Well, see,there's this thing called a money trail. The spammers arn't their thingbecause they happen to like the product -- somewhere they're getting paid,perhaps through many steps, by the company or the distributor. Besides,the internet isn't *that* anonymous anyhow, especially to geeks like me,who have a lot of motivation to hit spammers and other abusers of the internetwhere it hurts. Finally, his idea about hiding email addresses from harvestersis simply the wrong way to do things, it doesn't work anyhow. Anyhow, spammers,here you go. His email, which he's cleverly hidden in a graphic that noOCR software could possibly decypher, is

Oddly, I got an unusual request from someone recently regarding their webpage.As you probably know, I have a (now somewhat outdated) OS page, with pictures,and all that. I sometimes get emails from OS vendors asking me to add them.I usually do. This time, I got an email requesting that I add a food servicescompany on there. I don't understand this *AT ALL*. Do they really expect mypage to read "OS/2 blah blah Windows NT blah blah Oh, and by the way, here'swhere you can order food for your party blah blah Dynix blah blah" .. Weird.

Oh, check out the 2003 ignobel prize winners. Fun stuff.

I've come to a decision on the Verisign sitefinder thing. I don't have anyproblem with contributing to the distributed attack on it, or at least havesufficiently little doubt that I think it's worthwhile. The IP is fun pinging them. They're currently being sued by several groups, andit looks like there's another lawsuit due, this one with teeth, from ICANN.It's time for Verisign to be taken down, one way and/or another.

Oh, a funny quote on the matter: "If Hitler invaded hell, I wouldmake at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons" -- Winston Churchill

I recently have started going through old music, changing the mix thatI normally keep on my laptop. I swapped back in some Jarmiroquai, anotherRed Army Choir CD that I had lost, and some Yo-Yo Ma from another CDI thought lost. Right now, I'm listening to yet another CD, specifically, Bach'sDouble Violin Concerto. When listening to it, I feel a strange .. I don't knowwhat... the song used to be very meaningful to me, and I was kind of obsessedwith it.. I still have a little of that in me, I guess. It's hard to describethe feelings when I close my eyes for a moment, listening to it.

I still haven't decided if I'll be visiting Columbus this weekend or turns out that a number of my friends who I would visit while there arebusy or out of town.. I'm not certain if that's a bad thing though -- thismight be a trip I'd rather make alone.. maybe I'll even stay in a hotel,like
(section not shown)

Sometime soon I want to make a trip to New York again soon to see the museumsand stuff again.. problem is, that is something I'd rather not do alone.I wonder if it's a pattern that I want to look to the past alone, and thefuture with people.

Here's a condensed story line from a comic..ichi nisan

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