Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Geek Choir and other Car Musings

(this entry is retro-dated)You see the chaos in my direction, my mental clothes. You can't see me.That's what the barrier looks like from the outside. We spoke of it.

Does the country have areas where it costs the government more to maintainthem than the value they produce?

Home is where we deposit parts of self

It's strange how we can divide society into what kinds of people tend tohang out with each other.. there's almost always more friction between peoplein different spheres than within one, I think. I operate in the intellectualliberal sphere

I should drop a mail to Tim O'Reilly asking him to seeif he could arrange, next OSS conference, for there to be a room with a pianoso the geeks can gather, late at night, for singing again. LINKIt might actually be fun to form a choir at CMU, a geek choir, that wouldsing geek songs. I'mparticularly fond of the most recent one, although Systemmagic is also good.On the CD I burned for the trip, I'm enjoying singing along to puffy..


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