Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Panzer Widows

And that's that, the last dance at Outland for me, likely.Apparently, there's enough rumour floating around that noone knew whatwas going on, so I spoke with someone I know who works there. Apparently,the factory across the street was sold to a realitor who's putting upcondos, and so the owner is trying to sell Outland too, but hasn't(yet) got his asking price. However, he apparently will be simplymoving it to a new location if he can get the funds. The person I spokewith apparently recently opened a coffee shop, and she also pointed meat as a way to keep intouch. Hmm... Not sure.

The drive was uneventful and relatively painless, and I surprised myselfby being a bit social and joining SFF for a socialbefore visiting with my sisters. It as great seeing old friends (Includingone person I always saw as being kawaii), and I had a lot of goodconversation, even though at least 3 people I would've liked to have seenwere absent. I wish I had left Pgh earlier though... After that, as mentioned,I visited my sisters. They're living in the nicest apartment I've ever seenin Columbus, reminding me a bit of my parents' home (but, na klar, smaller).We talked for an hour or two, and then I went to Outland, leaving around 0:.It was a good visit -- Dubin was there for awhile, and there was also anamazingly cute athletic girl
(section not shown)
that reminded me of Debb. Another pretty face, nice neck, fit look, andthe same kind of hair. I really don't understand exactly how my sense ofattractedness works.. there are a few looks that 'work' for me, eachdistinct from the other, with the things between holding little appeal..But yeah, Debb, this girl at Outland, and someone else I kind of knowfit this .. archetype well, and are thus really cute to me in that way.There are other archetypes though -- there's someone else I mentioned havinga crush on who is very attractive in a different way, and actually, Jessica,the Outland girl I had a crush on back when I went to Outland often, whowas incidentally not there, was attractive in a third way that she kind ofshared with Martha. Anyhow, Dubin and I had good conversation, about ghettokultur in England vs the United States, respective rapkultur, and innercities and factors that influence tem. I also danced a lot, with PanzerMensch, when it went on around 03: or so, concluding my evening. On theway out, I met an old friend, talked for awhile, and came here, to Steak'n'Shaketo eat before my drive to Brecksville. Away with me, Ahoy! (04:25)


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