Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Circular Smile

LINKA dream -- was with someone, making a ring in deep snow, going deeperdown each time. They had a small, personal bulldozer (I doubt these exist),and I was following on foot, using, I think, strange psychic powers tohelp myself rearrange the snow in the ring to outside. We were to continuedown through the snow, hundreds of feet, to something buried deep within(like the old videogame 'Worms', I had seen a side view of what we weredoing first, and it was snow all the way down). A third person was gettingready to join us with a bike, but I told them it was too soon -- we wereonly about 8 feet deep at the time.

A ring - a clever trick I thought of, based on a smile or two.

Conversations -- that oddity when one is tired, and says or does things thatone wishes one hadn't. Life's mark is with a pen, not a pencil.

Tags: dreams

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