Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Wore out Traveling

Title is from an mp3 that just happened to come up in my random mediaplaying right now (/media/music/collection/shirley_q_liquor/funeral.mp3).Just a few thoughts...

I'm exhausted from the car trip.. but it was all fun. Apparently, carsneed more than just oil -- my heater stopped working on the trip, andmy dad diagnosed it to the engine coolant being low. Filling it back upfixed things, although he suggested I take it to have all the fluids changedsoon. In the future, I'll know about that fluid too :)

Some bozos are suing Microsoft for security problems. Now, I'm no fan of Microsoft,but liability for buggy software is a very bad idea. First, it's really reallyhard to write software that's bug free, not impossible, but cripplingly hard,and secondly, they're doing their best. I mean, it says a lot that theOpenBSD Project and the OpenSSH Project,projects run by the most security conscious people out there, people whoproduce the products gratis and don't need to answer to market concerns, andwho audit their code regularly for problems, both have had serious holes foundin their codebases recently. When you watch 'specialists' stumble sometimes,you shouldn't expect others to pass with flying colours, and that's whymicrosoft shouldn't be liable. Someone recently wrote an article on whyvirii should not be fought with legislation or in court, suggesting thatinstead what they do is help keep the ecosystem healthy. It's an interestingargument, one I'll need to chew on.

I came across the strangest advertisement recently, in flash, for a Koreansite called CJMall...

Oh, and here's a good site for people saying stupid things on the topic ofSchwarzenegger's political run. Of course, it's not mentioned at allwhy these people think he'll do a good job, they're just dittoheads whofind him attractive.

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