Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fear of Dentistry

I had a dream last night about having an appointment to some kind ofunpleasant dental procedure, and I simply didn't show up, and I beganto worry they would bill me for the time the doctor was waiting there forme, so I snuck in the next morning to the dental office. One of theassistants was there setting up, and although I walked up to her, notquietly, she didn't hear me.. I wondered if she was deaf. So I walked tothe chair the procedure was in, sat down, and was going to wait untilthey came in, somehow thinking that would make it alright.

I think it was a combination of dream logic, and that old perversesneaky guilt logic that we all had as kids and (hopefully) have learnedto supress. I wish I remembered it well enough to dissect it -- it'sfascinating stuff.

Tags: dreams

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