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Flashlight under the covers

Tonight's the night I'll be burning the midnight oil.... there's a deadlineto get all those laptops done (well, actually just one needs to be done, butgetting the others done would also be a big plus, and little additionaleffort) by late tomorrow (someone needs a system for a conference, and I'dlike my new setup tested). It's going to take a long time (most of the installsare network-based, and quite large, like the service packs, Cygwin), mostlyempty but with occasional more hands-on work. I'll probably leave workaround 5, as usual, and come back around midnight, after a trip to india garden.

This looks really cool, for all you Hedwig fans. I ordered mine.The sound samples are fun too. Another band I like, Firewater is also doing a cover album calledSongs We Should Have Written that I'm keen to hear, and Cyndi Lauper alsohas an upcoming album full of covers too. A thought --I'm remembering all the times, when I was much younger (9ish?) and didn't have theunderstanding of music I have now (understanding is such a poor word, see below)I heard people talk about music, having discussions with other people on thetopic, and expressing amazement that anyone would want to have two copies ofthe same song by different people. They talked about the joy of hearing uniqueinterpretations of the music, the difference between the baseline establishedby the original author, and the unique twists put in by a new author. For thelast 10 years or so, I've been part of their ranks, and find myself talking onthat level to musicians, and explaining it occasionally to people who don'tunderstand but are interested. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see theyounger Pat.. I sometimes regret that I didn't try to get recordings of concertsI played in when I was younger... It wasn't always great, but Brecksville'sOrchestra was really good most of the time. It's something that really helped megrow... I also remember how I used to only listen to classical music.. I thoughtit was noble, and I really did like classical music (as I do now), but myfixation on it was a twisted repression, another aspect gone from my self thatI'm glad to be rid of. Internal chains one dons because one thinks them nobleare the saddest thing to see on someone... There's a lot of restraint that'snecessary or desirable, but a lot of it is simply stupid, and I can think ofseveral people who wear them. I probably do too, and when I have time, Ishould reevaluate.

Philosophy class is getting interesting -- finally we're past the formalistsand the equivilent of the behavioralists in general scientific circles, andmoving onto people whose approach to science is dynamic and powerful(just covered Harman and Glymour). It just seems fundamentally wrongheadedto me to try to treat hypotheses and data in equations, and it leads to awhole bunch of paradoxes that are simply uninteresting. One thing I amgrateful for is that the class is actually leading me to a deeper understandingof the subject of the philosophical foundations of a lot of the specifics ofscience.

I have two ideas for my term paper for that class -- I'd like to use thedifferent metrics for confirmation, learning, and all that to evaluateeither Wolfram's book (which, fascinatingly, has a Mathematica module to demonstrate concepts)or James Gleick's book Chaos: Making a new Science. Either would befascinating, and both are books that will eventually end up on my bookshelf..

Looks like the neoconservatives and the continual slow liberalization ofchristianity is coming to a head again.. On one front, the issue of gay clergy,on the other, issues with other religions. They're right, in a way.There's a comprimise between having a message, and diluting it to pleasepeople. I disagree with their message, of course, and oppose it, but I'mnot one of the style of atheists that's going to tell them that the christianbible doesn't condemn these things -- it clearly (to me, anyhow) does. I'lljust say that it condones slavery and other nasty stuff, and condemns a lot ofother perfectly fine stuff, and that instead of caring what it, the Qu'ran, orany other holy work says, you're better off chucking the whole lot.

Oh, there's a new onion out.

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