Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The new hymn of the city

I never understood how you put so much silence in your words.Others compete -- you would never lower yourself that way.

Last night I indeed return to work around midnight, and workedstraight until around 14:3 today, getting those laptops done and allthat. It's funny -- there was a barrier to awakedness, I think I hit it around03:, that once I moved past it, all the tiredness rapidly disappeared, andI just had a 'light burning' sensation fill me (the latenight indian foodmight've contributed to that though.. hehe). It definitely was/is an alteredstate of consciousness... I feel more alive, more focused, but also a lot oflittle details slip by me... kind of like an intensified me. I like it, butI know it's time to rest -- I have trouble interacting with people in thisstate, and tonight's PUSH meeting will be really cool, so I want to be awakefor it.

Amusingly, I find my mind also easily slipping off into utter nonsense, notideas that are just high-level incoherent, but ideas that hardly are ideasat all... I just closed my eyes for a second and my thoughts came to theidea of an angle drawn on the floor with a watermelon visible in it as if thechalk was of a 3d image. Must sleep.

Finally, at least for everyone but me, the last entry. I've been reading upmore on buying a house, and based on the advice of an old guy at CoffeeTree last night, I found a really nice website with listings. I can almost sayI'm in love with one of the houses there, at 5453 Wilkins (although onlyfrom the pictures and descriptions), but I can't afford a down paymentof any kind, so I'm not yet ready to buy. $219k is an awful lot of money too,although if I could afford a down payment, according to the calculator thingI could actually afford a 30-year mortgage without too much additionalstrain (I have very few expenses outside of the recent emergencies, and myrent is already really expensive). Oh well... that house, cool as it is,is probably not going to still be around when I can actually afford a nicedown payment. I guess I'll keep hoarding as much money as I possibly can andliving well beneath my means until I have some decent money to plop downfor this... And I'll keep reading the book someone at work loaned me on thetopic. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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