Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Meet outside Infinity

Is your pain genuine? In the end, I'm forced to conclude that it doesn'tmatter.

An impression, generalized. A balcony, with no way to get there.What a beautiful place to be.A quiet statement of need. Another ruin in the desert, a castleleft after the grass has fled. Deserts roam the earth in scales thatguarantee they will always be alone. A lone figure, with a flowerwatering tin, pouring it at the feet of the desert. A scene that'scomical, and enlightening.

So, the point advantage in my game of chess with the wasp is infavour of the wasp. I'm trying another tack, but it's likely thatI shall lose. It makes me angry.

I've been trying to wrap my head around the SCO-Redhat and SCO-IBMcases again... This is relating to a lawsuit RedHat filed againstSCO, where, IIRC, RedHat is claiming that SCO is making fraudulent/baselessclaims in their lawsuit threats. Unfortunately, at least right now I lackthe attention span to dig through all that stuff..

It's interesting how, depending on who you talk to, the recent flukes withthe power grid are either the result of too much or too little government oversight.regulation.

Some thoughts... what particular music formed the 'core' selection ofOutland... There were some memorable songs they always played, and otherswere rotated or one-timers. Here are a few of the constants:

Ministry - Every Day is HalloweenAnd One - Panzer MenschWolfsheim - Once in a LifetimeBeborn Beton - Another World(some remix) - Afraid of Americans

I have a dream that keeps dancing on the edge of my memory, and it's beendoing it for the last few days.

Oops! Fell asleep while writing the entry, and it's now the next morning.Not sure what I'm gonna do this weekend -- I have a lot of schoolwork andworkwork to do, and also want to try to find something fun...


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