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Watering Hole

Waiting at home for my laptop to charge back up before I head out for therest of the evening (likely Coffee Tree). Today was an *ahem* interestingday. Did more cleaning, then went down to the Waterfront for the firsttime in awhile. On the way, I stopped by a Penzoil to have all the fluidschanged (it really was an unplanned stop -- I was at a red light, the storewas there, and I was advised to stop there byb my parents last time I washome...). Apparently, all the fluids were low, dirty, and all that fun stuff,so I just had them take care of everything.. It was like $60, but it's worththe peace of mind. They thought the oil and the antifreeze were leakingtogether, and I was getting even more angry at my car (which I loathe, butneed), but then I remembered that about a month ago, I poured some of thefluids into the wrong places before a trip, and that explains it. So, notso bad... I was hoping to get some homework and stuff done at the bookstore,but people were using the plug seats, and I didn't want to get startedbecause I can't really focus if I'm worried about the battery going out.I got some philosophy magazines and the latest Michael Moore book(topic is liberal comedy), sat outside by the river for awhile,and came back here. By the river though, I .. had an interesting experience.

(section not shown)
Anyhow, I'm beginning to put together plans to take a trip to the Guggenheimin New York within the next month or two. Halloween is coming up, and I wantto go to the fest in AthensOhio for that, but some other weekend would work..I just need to find suitable company. I'll probably post something to theZets mailing list, along with PUSH and SFF.. Maybe we'll all stay at theAladdin (which, if Dave's memory serves, is the bizarre hotel Dave, Martha,Aug, and I stayed at on that New York trip 4 (5?) years ago). Of course,we'll see more than the Guggenheim, whoever we is, but I'm mainly thinkingof this as a trip to see museums (might also be fun to see some theatre ormusic).

Oh, here's a funny comic.and another..

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