Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bad upgrade

Well, that was an oops. I upgraded apache on my website, and some oldconfiguration files broke, and I forgot to restart apache to makesure nothing broke. Eventually, during log rotation, apache was restartedautomagically, it stumbled, and so my website and BLOG were down. The solutionwas to comment out most of /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf (apparently myuse of domain-based virtualhosts became non-kosher mixed with the defaultport-based content config that's part of SSL in that upgrade). All's goodnow, I think.. thanks for those of you who emailed me.

Apparently, Arafat's latest choice for Prime Minister will be steppingdown. I must confess, I know very little about Arafat -- everyone hasread of Sharon's butchery, and of his more recent efforts (if slight) to reachout the olive branch, but Arafat's role is at least considerably lessspotlight-driven (naturally so, given the state of the ppl he represents).Whether his task is a nobile one or not, and whether he supports the type ofattacks I condemn or not, he has a problem. When the very people you appointto positions keep quitting, one after another, because you don't give themany authority to do anything, and when those positions include people whoare trying to handle the most important diplomacy and negotiations possiblefor your people, you're in a hopepess situation. Without fixing thegovernment problem, he'll never get anywhere with any other problems, andArafat himself might as well step down.

The source code for CivCTP2 will bereleased soon... and not long after, I imagine there'll be a port to Linux.Hurrah.

Oh, I noticed something interesting -- my laptop charges faster in 'high power'mode than in 'energy saving' mode. On Linux, there are two modes the systemcan be in (new to recent kernels, toggled in /proc/sys/vm), and there is indeeda difference in battery length between the two. I do find it rather unusualthat the fact I mentioned above is the case though, and as of right know can'tthink of any reason it might be the case. Hmm.

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