Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Hermes' call

Ahh, messager of the gods, what have you brought me? Two things,firstly, news of a mighty tournament, the final, apocalypticshowdown! In the left corner, sun tea! *WOOOO* Yes, ladies andgentlemen, this is tea, prepared in a jar, left in front of thewindow, so the sun's smile on it, for a day or two, is twisted intoa power for dark eeeeeevil! And, could it be? Yes! In the right corner,it's the amazing iced tea! *WOOO* Huzzah! This tea is taking the othertack, using modern technology to live an ascetic life in the frozenwasteland of my refrigerator, also for a day or two. Stay tuned,ladies and gentlemen, for the eventual taste test, and in the meantime,there's the warm up of traditional hot tea in a cup, to whet yourappetite for the DAY ... OF ... JUDGEMENT!!

Umm.. yeah, that was a bit silly.Actually today was a really mixed bag..When I left work, I found my bike has yet another flat tire.Vehicles suck. So... I inserted myself into the frame of the bikeso I wouldn't need to use my hands to carry it, and started the walkhome... and along with another pedestrian, almost got run over by someidiot driver who was driving in the middle of the road, speeding by quitea bit. This was one of the rare times in my life where I literally thoughtthat I was going to bite it -- he was coming right at me, despite my beingon the other side of the road from where he was supposed to be, and he swervedpartly back into his lane only at the last minute. He slowed down a little,said he wished he had hit me, and sped up again, coming close to hitting theother guy. He literally drove close enough that I could've touched his carjust by putting my hand out. I wonder what his deal was... maybe he was drunk.

So.. after making my way home, I went out to grab my $4 srees dinner beforecoming back here to work on school stuff... and happened on the highlightof the evening. I live right near a Yeshiva, and for those of you who don'tknow what that is, it's a religious school for the more conservativesects of Judaism. Anyhow, they were having a party, with some really goodklezmer, and dancing filling the streets. I stopped walking for a bit towatch and listen, and whistled the music the rest of the way to Srees.Unfortunately, they were done by the time I got back -- I was hoping tosit down with my dinner across the street and listen.. But if I'm going tosettle down here in Squirrel Hill, get a house, and all that, there'll beplenty of opportunity for that..

I wonder when the bike shop will open tomorrow...


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